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DirtTV: Finally 4 Trailer

DirtTV: Finally 4 Trailer

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Kabooom! DirtTV Finally 4, the full film, is nearly here!!!

Get amped, pumped, stoked and generally buzzing with bees with this teaser trailer!

The definitive 2012 Downhill World Cup race video, Finally 4 (that’s IV in old money), filmed and edited by the Parkin Brothers will be released (launched in space talk) really really soon (quite soon.)

So how can I watch Finally 4?
It’ll be available for download on iTunes.

When? Tell me when?
Soon. Really soon.

What’s on the video?
As well as the all the banging action from the 2012 WC season you’ll also get some ace bonus sections, you know, big events like Crankworx and the Megavalanche.

And how long will the film be?
At least 60 minutes if not an hour.

And how much will it cost me?
£6.99. So less than seven quid.

Will you release a DVD at some point?

Thanks, I can’t wait!

  1. daz5239

    i guess the girl at the start had an itchy ring …

  2. wow

    That was stunning – gave me goosebumps! Can’t wait till the season starts!!

  3. paulhaysom

    Holy shit.

  4. Michał Łuczyński

    Does anybody recognize the soundtrack?

    1. Bocha

      Funeral for a Friend – The Distance

  5. Sam

    Bargain at £6.99

  6. Andrew

    So you guys are charging for it now huh? Fair enough, the vids are always fully banging. Keep it up!

  7. Rgblackb


  8. Pager

    Brilliant! That shows why Downhill is ‘the discipline’ in Mountain biking. Bring on the new season….

  9. Jon Gregory

    makes me realise I’m missing something in my life. Bring on the new season! I can’t wait.

    1. rod fountain

      I hear that Jono: just what I thought when I saw it. At least you’re gettin’ some riding in. All I’ve got is an exercise bike.

  10. Si Hubbard

    Please do the DVD. Otherwise this will be the first year for a long time that hasnt had a DVD season recap. Freecaster, Earthed series, Clay Porter…No one else has done one from 2012. Am sure other feel the same and will buy…

  11. Bedders

    A DVD for the luddites would be good. Please.

  12. Si Hubbard

    ….yes I will still get it on itunes too.

  13. Tom

    This is how Dirt mag should be!!

  14. Mark

    That was pretty awesome! You can drop the “Dhers go karting…..again” bit from the final cut though 😉

  15. dude

    itunes only? is everything on itunes still riddled with DRM? if so can we get some non DRM media up in here? i’d love to be able to watch this on my terms, not apple’s…

  16. luiz

    HD or Full HD ??

    1. Matt Grindrod

      i was thinking this, it’s normally a bit more for full hd on itunes

  17. Johan

    Awesomeness as usual. Would be nice to have a pyhsical dvd but as long as i get to watch DirtTv someway or another i am a happy camper.

    Good to see that they are finally starting to charge for these edits, would be a very sad day if they realised that they could not fund DirtTv anymore. So i am happy to contribute

  18. Nick Sheppard

    Incredible footage, super excited to see it in full. But I have agree that I won’t bother with itunes for it. One little gripe is the music taste is a bit ….well… tacky for the level of cinematography in my opinion. I’m you’ll have something more fitting in the final cut.

  19. Eoin

    Mpora ate my comment twice: proof that the finally trailer is so awesome it crashed the servers. The quality looks ridiculous, fair play, day 1 purchase.

  20. Andy Lainchbury

    when then?

  21. chuckie

    Man, that rocked! And…. those guys just haul ass.

  22. Messy


    1. wheelerman

      I second that Messy! Not had a free gifty for a while – make it happen Dirt!

  23. monkey

    Excited about this, but second the any other online source than itunes?

  24. Ash

    This is making me pine for dusty, warm and dry trails.
    Hopefully we will have a summer this year I’m sick to death of mud and rain!!!

  25. pavedog

    Lame, I bet I could ride faster than all those guys.

  26. Ron Horse

    Downloads are for girls, id pay 20 notes for a DVD!

  27. Tall Paul

    I am with Si can you do the same for 2011 season as well :)

  28. rich eust

    ace good to see more than 2 comments guys…..

  29. piou

    When? I’m looking my iTune store almost every 10 minutes!

  30. piou

    Still nothing???

  31. nacho


  32. RandyWanger

    How soon is soon?

    1. piou

      I don’t know but 24 days isn’t soon…:-(

  33. KiwiClint

    How far off is this? Please give the masses what they want!!

  34. Pip

    Hurry up!

  35. C Finnimore


  36. piou


  37. F Ficciless


  38. Billy

    Sorry guys, should be ready in August 2014

  39. piou

    What? Canceled?!

  40. piou

    Cummunication breakdown…you should at least say something clear about this aborted project. Don’t you think? We were many guys looking forward to see this new Finally episode…this teaser was just amazing!!!

  41. Marcus

    Was really lookinf forward to this, what ever happened to the project???

  42. andrew

    Guys…..? Guys….?

    Please? What’s going on???

  43. Ben Halsall

    Don’t mean to be rude, but i would have thought ‘Very Soon’ would have been a long time ago.

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