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DirtTV: Finally Round up

DirtTV: Finally Round up

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

No not an extra video, just all six parts in one place incase you missed any of them.

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Finally Part 1

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Finally Part 2

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Finally Part 3

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Finally Part 4

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Finally Part 5

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Finally Part 6

  1. Moritz

    Thanks for offering all those videos. They got me stoked to ride and it’s actually kind of painful to watch them and then look outside your window only to notice that everything’s covered in snow.

    Here’s an idea though: So many people have asked for a downloadable version of it. Sure it’s possible to download the vids using the Real Player, but I bet tonnes of people would be willing to spend some money for a high quality DL version of this.

    Why don’t you offer a HD version of the entire video on iTunes? Offer it for $5 or $10 and use the funds to support the Parkin bros, use it to support cycling projects, whatever.

    Many people have asked for a downloadable version, many people would be willing to pay for this and the money could be used for a great cause.

  2. billy

    Moritz, we hear you and the powers that be are trying to sort something out.

  3. enri

    support moritz’s idea..would be great!

  4. Dave

    Yeah thanks guys! Such a great coverage for the world cups, and definatly the best! Great idea Moritz. Would probably make a great WC movie like Earthed. The money you would get would be greatly appreciated by the Parkin bros (sticking with Moritz idea). Definatley a great charity. Oh, and if you do get it onto a DVD, don’t forget to send it down under!!! (and also under down under. Get ya altas’s out kids)

  5. Luis

    Yes, Itunes would be a possibility! I agree with you, Moritz.

  6. billy

    I’m afraid itunes is not a possibility due to music rights, there are other ways though.

  7. enri

    did you notice,in part six,at 4:43,the barel’s left knee pad blowing off after a crash in the canberra’s rock garden?! lol..

  8. Rufus

    Yeah I like Moritz’s idea, shame iTunes won’t work though.

    Um, Enri: at 4.43 Gee is talking, a bit earlier, FB does crash, but is that where he did in his knee? He was already wearing a knee brace, and it doesn’t look like a very bad crash.
    PS, respect to him for riding in that condition!

  9. enri

    yeah sorry it’s earlier..look at that:FB crashes,and the knee pad,not the knee brace,blows up..

  10. jonny

    nah i don’t think fabians knee brace broke… i think it just flung a rock up…

  11. Philipp

    I´d also spend a few quid on a downloadable HD-Version of the whole thing. Happily.
    It´s just too good to not have it on DVD.

  12. Dave

    Hi, i really like this movie! Its great job, is there any chance to buy it on DVD? Streaming is not really fast at home. many thanks David


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