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DirtTV: Finally 3 Part 6 - La Bresse

DirtTV: Finally 3 Part 6 - La Bresse

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

A little late, but who cares! 2011 World Cup action from La Bresse, France.

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  1. phil

    I care… missed them a lot

  2. Marcus

    Brilliant. Best yet I’d say. Noticed ya called Hart- Barel.

  3. Ben

    Awful music at the start. I’ve never complained about music in any film before, but christ, that made me want to turn it off! I noticed some depressing stuff on the PMB track walk aswell… What’s going on chaps?!

  4. guido

    the double right at the end looked big ass in the flesh – but looks tiny on that vid. Great vid btw

  5. gorsense

    best video yet!!

  6. wheelermook

    Yup…Bresse-d one yet that. Sorry!

  7. Carl

    Nice one Greg, more of the same for 2012 please:)
    Thanks to everyone at dirt again, enjoyed the edit.

    Do dooo do do do Minnaar Minnaar!!!

  8. lize

    There is no HD version of this ?

  9. Danny

    Vids on Mpora always freeze briefly all the way through, really annoying. Is there a download I’m probably missing or something? Thanks. Ps I had a macbook with, as far as I know, all latest updates etc.

  10. Danny

    ^^^ Should say ‘have’ not ‘had’. Thanks.

  11. dullknives

    where’s the HD version billy?!


    is anybody else having trouble viewing this? Basically all vidz on dirt aint playing well on my mac – stop – start – jump – stop etc

  13. Danny

    ^^^ Same for me ^^^

  14. Ed

    rad riding/ filming, but ye first bit of music didnt exactly fit the action very well! liked the ending , haha

  15. rusty

    sweet vid but thats danny hart not fabien barel at 5:47 sorry to be picky :)

  16. 123456

    Mpora’s a joke when it comes to hosting videos. Even without it being HD it still can’t come close to buffering without just waiting for the whole video to download first… which is going to take about an hour based on current progress.

    And at least when youtube runs out of buffer it knows to pause it for a few seconds before carrying on, rather than assuming that 0.1 seconds will be enough. Stutter-tastic!

  17. billy

    @123456 (789?)

    You’ll be so happy to hear that the techies are re building the player from the ground up (up quite high) It really should be the bees knees (or ankles at the very least!) x

  18. 123456

    I am indeed happy to hear that… though rebuilding the player might make it buffer more intelligently, it won’t help with the core issue which is surely a lack of bandwidth/servers.

  19. stevo

    er Brook, cheers for that. nice and short

  20. Stewart M

    ugh… guys whats up with the vids?! I loved the two series of finallys before this. This video makes Dh look slow and boring! im gonna go watch tri ride again…

  21. Messy

    I never complain about the tunes on tunes on these vids, although I know plenty of people do. But, dreary boring song + slow mo is not a winning combo. Was waiting a while for that section to finish to be honest before It got interesting again. But It is free, and I can always watch it with my tunes on rather than complaining on here. Actually, why am I even bothering to write anything. Might go and get on with my life now.

  22. Keke

    Use some SKWEE for tunes in these vids guys.
    Good if they make a new player, this blows.

  23. dullknives

    i see part 7 is up in HD, we gonna get part 6 in HD as well?

  24. Cyrus

    Totally ruined by awful music. As usual.


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