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DirtTV: Finally 2 Part 8 Crankworx 2011

DirtTV: Finally 2 Part 8 Crankworx 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

http://mpora.com/videos/DMl40cL2a Kaaa Booosh!!! Episode 8 is here all the way from Crankworx in Whistler, BC!!!

Jackson Goldstone, the amazing six year old ripper, who is going to turn Pro when he’s ten kicks things off with a great interview and some HUGE hucking.

We then follow Brendan Fairclough, Andrew Neethling and Sven Martin as they compete in the Saint Deep Summer Photo Challenge which looks like tons of fun.

Brendog remarks: “Coming here just two weeks before the World Cup Final and the World Champs is the worst idea ever, so many distractions on and off the bike…it’s gonna fcuk you up!”

From there it’s onto the racing first with the Canadian Open, the slalom and the Garbanzo Downhill.

The sublime stuntshow that is the Crankworx slopestyle contest wraps up this epic Parking Bros episode.

Sit back and enjoy people!

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  1. Tom_

    Bloody brilliant. Make my monday a whole lot more enjoyable!


  2. foras

    so good! beginning makes me wanna go out with my camera! the rest of just makes me wanna hoon about on some jumps, Video gold!

  3. Gekko

    Fear of the Dark…

  4. DanB25

    cant believe they not only pulled off iron maiden in a bike video they made it one of the best videos Ive ever seen haha

  5. Drew

    One of the best videos I have seen in a long time. Captures the fun of riding. If this comes out on DVD I will buy it.

  6. Iain.T

    it’s good ‘n’ all but its no baby monkey on a pig… good job lads

  7. Big-G

    Maiden, wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooo, yeah boooooyyyyyyyyyy \m/ \m/

  8. Zero Cool

    The Giant Slalom looked like a cool event

  9. Rich

    lol at the upskirt at the beginning!

  10. albert

    the beginning is poorly. come to poland and you’ll see beautiful ladies! we’ve got the best chicks!

  11. Emily

    Needles tabletops: clicked!

  12. Mark

    what’s the last song please!? it is lovely!

  13. jamie

    saweet. cant wait to go to whistler this summer!

  14. ollie

    gee athertons 2010 bike is a piece of history

  15. TommyD

    Maiden and Crankworx, can it get much better! Up the Irons! Oh, and up the parkin bros! great work guys.

  16. centrifuge

    Really cool edit with all the vices of life! It was a truly awesome 2010 season.

  17. Dan

    great vid! every single day i think “whistler”. can’t wait to get back!

  18. Jon P

    Do me a favour Dirt team, stick that together on a DVD and pop it in the post to me… I’ll give you another 12 months subscription?!

  19. majkl

    Guys, what’s the name of last song?? I cant recognize the lyrics..thanks a lot..btw – I love the nac nac at the begining of the vid:-)

  20. Tim B (Wingnuts)

    Great Video Guys (Yet Again !!)
    Just shows the real need for riding, HAVING FUN !!!
    Good Job!! PS – Awesome Music too !!

  21. Charles Robertson

    You boys done well. Really happy to have watched that. Probs the best yet #Inspired

  22. Marc

    Bluddy awesome episode..
    Hot women and hot weather, a lot like South Africa at the moment.
    For those wondering, the second track is Kleerup – Thank you for nothing.

  23. sulley

    Fcuking brilliant vid…..

  24. Bendik

    @Mark: The last song is called Thank You For Nothing, by Kleerup.

  25. Ric

    Definitely the best video for showing the fun bits of riding, and the most inspiring!!

  26. Jon P

    I knew i’d seen that little ripper on the run bike before…

  27. ronin

    my bike got wood watching that.

  28. el capitan

    Amazing Video! Best one yet of the series, Makes me miss Whistler..

  29. Lewy

    Seriously the best webisode yet!! Pure video gold! Major Props!!

  30. Alfie Polax

    Sooooooooo sick.

    Seeing a vid like that in the dead of winter makes you realise just how unbelievably rad Whistler is.

  31. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    If Brendog learnt how to peddle I’m sure he’d be pretty unstoppable!!

  32. Stikman

    Excellent edit, as usual. Not a whole lot of chick racing though. Hemanwomanhatersclub

  33. Lew

    rad! so when’s the Finally DVD gonna get put together? I want to watch it all on a big screen before i go ride!!

  34. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    Peddle? WTF! Although I am a member of the medical profession I can be a total spaz (medical term) sometimes!

  35. The Champ

    Sick video. Whistler is so amazing it’s hard to believe it even exists….damn I need to go back soon…

  36. dan

    Such a good series!

  37. Rick

    Jackson’s interview is way better than any of slam hill’s

  38. Krissboo

    Fookin brilliant. That was probably the best video edit I’ve seen all year.
    The riding wasn’t far off either 😉
    And yeah stick it on DVD. It’s been a bloody good series.


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