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DirtTV: Finally 2 Part 3

DirtTV: Finally 2 Part 3

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Kerpow!!! Finally 2 part 3 begins with Neko Mulally and Bryn Atkinson absolutely blasting, shredding and ripping the arse out of the trails in Morgins, Switzerland.

We then travel to Diablo Freeride Park, New Jersey for a stacked field in the US Open.

The spotlight is on winner Andrew Neethling as we look behind the scenes at what it’s like to win a big race.

Sit back and enjoy.

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  1. Renners

    Tip: Don’t use your face as a brake. Ouch!

  2. billy

    The speed Bryn was hitting those Morgin sections was bonkers!

  3. dirt dodger

    kerpow indeed guys!!! top video, so much great footage andw ell worth sciving work for 10 mins 😉 mitch crash was RAW!!

  4. Ollie

    I absolutely love morgins, sick to see some pros riding there!

  5. Rob

    BRAIN Lopes?

  6. Renners

    Bryn at 40 seconds.

  7. rh

    Coffee, hit the HD, phone off. Enjoy. Jeez the Morgins sectin looked faaast! Another top vid lads!

  8. g


  9. Hristo


  10. joe

    Hope Bryn slays its this year!

  11. gert b frobe

    love that Morgins section

  12. Mikael

    What is the name of the song in bryn and neko part?

  13. Stefan

    Prodigy – Omen

  14. stacy

    rope-a-dope took a heavy slam. wow.

  15. José

    The Morgins section had some insanely fast bits! Been there last year and still don’t believe some of that stuff can be ridden that fast! Trully amazing

  16. Joey

    Hope people realise that quite a bit of it is sped up, but its still fast.

  17. DH Web Kook

    Ssssssiiiiiick!!! Great video. Prodigy – Omen. A little re-use from the Dirt TV Mega Quali video, but always gets me hyped. Can’t wait to ride some DH this weekend. Wreckers or checkers! Thanks, Dirt!

  18. Gav

    Nice to see an old skool atx 1 still getting flung down a hill @ 5.42

  19. whitenuckels

    Giant ATX 1 ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  20. whitenuckels

    still have a buddy riding one, can u say old school.

  21. billy

    I’ve got one in the shed.

  22. dhdave

    needles and fairclough are the pioneers of cool

  23. Tim McSmugg

    So much better than everything else. (whinge ahead) If only I could enjoy it on a dvd before riding!? Bryns Whooping sums up Morgin. The most fun track in the PDS… and it’s only 30mins from the house… ahhh.

  24. le jacques

    best part until now!

  25. Safety first.

    Are you not supposed to leave the helmet on if someone’s mullered themselves?

  26. de paula

    Brendan Fairclough, Danny Hart and Andrew Neethling.

    The Whip Dream Team.

  27. supercow

    I’ve ridden Morgins before… and I don’t recall it being that fast and getting that much airborne :p

  28. Renners

    Safety first – Exactly what I was thinking.

  29. ric

    ‘ I’m gonna look like a toss when no ones there ‘ gutted lol XD

  30. J_Hickorystick

    Holy Mackerel, made the Open cut – smiling geek at 9:48. Cheers to the Parkins and thanks again to all the pros who treated a starstruck fan kindly.

  31. fred

    what is the song in the US part?

  32. sam

    I love Bryn

  33. dirt dodger

    Top series, when is part 4 out Billy?

  34. VertMannis

    Needles shot looks photoshopped to me. That or an Epic cam frame grab :-)

  35. Rock N' Roll DH

    Some pretty sick ridding by Bryn and Neko in Morgins, deffs makes you wanna get out on the bike. And the song on the US part is Primal Scream – Can’t go Back.

  36. Pati

    song 2 please

  37. Pati

    song 2 Please!!!!!


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