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DirtTV: Evans Cycles Carpark Dual race

DirtTV: Evans Cycles Carpark Dual race

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The UK’s first city centre night time carpark dual race went down in Cardiff on Sunday night.

The race was a huge success on all levels, with lots of stories going down. Lewis Lacey took home the giant cheque for a thousand quid while everybody else went home with massive smiles.

Full results here.

Photos:Andy Lloyd www.alpictures.co.uk

Bonus behind the scenes video.

  1. Matt

    first out the gate wins then?

    1. billy

      Not when we get the sandy/pea gravel corners set up!

  2. Jimmy

    Looked like first out the gate, only you got to race in the left hand and right hand gate so two chances to win.

  3. zak

    Wowzers, I think that could well be the future of mountain biking right there

  4. G

    Looks hideous way too many square concrete edges exposed to absolutely annihilate you

  5. the butcher

    if any of the above did actually beat lewis out the gate I guarantee lewis would find a way past you. Wankas.


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