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DirtTV Enduro World Series: Round 6 Day 1

DirtTV Enduro World Series: Round 6 Day 1

The first day of racing in Val d’Isere for the Enduro World Series Round 6 and Enduro of Nations took in all types of terrain and almost as many types of weather. The sun that greeted riders above the 2700m gondola station for Stage 1 had gone by the afternoon only to be replaced by fog and rain.

After stopping the gondola due the bad weather the riders headed back up to tackle the final stage in one run.

  1. Dan W

    Some one explain to me why they are using the Gondola. I thought “Shuttling” wasn’t allowed. Is every one going to get a 5 minute penalty?

  2. Michel D.

    Good to see some light being shone on Martin Maes. That guy is unf#cking believable!

  3. Brendan Masterson

    every time I try and play these vids i just get endless rotating circles in the middle. They never play. Help !

  4. Hecklerone

    Martin who? He he , I think he just born for this thing call enduro. Keep on lad

  5. Digger

    Chris Ball = Fergal Sharkey for those of you old enough to remember.


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