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DirtTV: A Day with the Anderson Brothers

17:50 15th March 2011 by Billy Thackray

Joel and Isaac Anderson are two young downhill rippers from Triscombe in Somerset who live in a house in the middle of the woods and like nothing better than shredding the trails.

Filmer Jacob Gibbins caught up with the Joel and Isaac to follow them around for a day and watch the young rippers tear up their local tracks.

Unfortunately one of the brothers hits the deck hard and unbelievably breaks his collar bone for the fourth time!

Read, look, watch and enjoy!!!

Isaac and Joel Anderson

Names? Isaac and Joel Anderson of course.

Ages? 16 and 14.

Where your from? LA, California… just kiddin. Triscombe Stone in Somerset.

Who are you riding for in 2011? Rose UK Flow Team.

Joel or Isaac?

What are your racing plans this season? BDS all the champs like English, Southern and Sational and maybe some European stuff.

What you doing training wise? Me and Isaac go to the gym 4 times a week and ride pretty much every weekend because of the uplift.

What did we get up to filming? Some crazy shit. So crazy Joel couldn’t handle it. We did a slippery run down the original track at Triscombe which was the first ever downhill track we rode and what got us fixed.

Isaac or Joel? I can never tell them apart.

What are your main aims for this coming season? Get in some sick results. We are both the youngest in our new categories so age does effect performance but we are both really driven to get as many podiums and as many good results as possible.

Whats it like living in the middle of the woods and having a dad that runs the uplift? Amazing! When the weather is hot and the tracks are dusty you just can’t stop riding. The trails are always growing in numbers making new experiences happen right on your door step. And training just turns into ripping some turns and smashing some jumps with your friends. You can’t ask for more. :)

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  1. chris

    Sick whips for such a nipper!

  2. Berry

    Damn he love’s that xbox still playing that game lol hope you heal up well:0}

  3. joey

    style for miles

  4. matt

    what a intro! MACHETE!

  5. Ozzie Chop

    Wish I started that young. Mind his collar bone is like glass at age 14. Heal fast mate, i’ve been plagued by injuries, most just bad luck. Keep on riding

  6. Ed

    that lad didnt ride like he was 14, such a good effortless style for someone that young

  7. torico

    Heal fast joely, best of luck you 2 for the season. Anyone who knows Joel will know how gutted he will be to be out for a few weeks. These guys are the real deal and really nice kids. As long as Joel can stop whipping and concentrate on going forwards he will do really well. Isaac just seems to be getting faster and faster. thanks for representing torico for the last few years, see you at the races!

  8. Craig

    Sweet to see the track I’ve been riding for the last 10 years being featured (lucky it’s 10 mins away). Nice to see Joel and Isaac shredding.

    Editor, sort out the first para Triscombe is most definitely in Somerset!!

  9. billy

    @Craig, soz meant Somerset!!!

  10. ting tong

    Great video sister’s…….at least Joel will be able to spend some quality time with Taffy. x

  11. Fin@Rose

    I think that’s the fastest my Rose Beefcake has ever been in the UK..
    Awesome job guys – hope Joel heals fast….

  12. simon

    First saw these two young rippers a couple of years ago even then you knew they’d be going places.Keep the dream alive,from old school digger.P.S nice to see triscombe represented again and get well soon joel, if ya pin it sooner or later you’re gonna bin it.

  13. ddmonkey

    Brilliant in every way – good luck lads!

  14. Joel

    cheers guys :D I’m on the mend. BIGGER WHIPS TO COME WHEN I’M MENDED! lol

  15. Pete

    Top video! Great to see the Triscombe tracks we know & love, & even a bit of Paradise! Well done on the video boys, you deserve it, & a big shout to Duncan for raising such nice lads & for all the miles he’s put in behind the wheel of that Land Rover!

  16. Pavedog

    Nice one boys! Top quality lads

  17. TC

    Where is that jump in the first few mins … just before he start pointing at the camera and after the first main straight on the DH track…

    Nice little booter in the trees

    Looks good and never found it before


  18. Will

    good to see some young guns without the billy big timer attitude. All the best!

  19. jack

    Joel this is some nice stuff bud . :D on the monday we we’re on the xbox :D .

  20. aaaa

    heal fast and race fast

  21. steve b.c.

    @craig, is that THE craig?
    nice shooting, glad the dust is here now. see you up there lads.


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