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DirtTV: Crankworx - Les Deux Alpes - Air Downhill

DirtTV: Crankworx - Les Deux Alpes - Air Downhill

Boosh! DirtTV magic from Crankworx Les Deux Alpes of the Polygon Air Downhill. Gee and Rach completely destroyed the field, with Rach almost 10 seconds up on 2nd place Myriam Nicole, these two are completely dominating the sport this year! Unfortunately Taylor Vernon had a crash in his race run, which he was airlifted from and taken to Grenoble Hospital, it looks like he has cracked 3 vertebrae in his back. More news on that as we get it.

  1. tomlikesbikes

    healing vibes to Taylor. He fractured two ribs and three vertebrae, one badly and needs surgery. Hope he’s back pinning it as soon as possible.

  2. ElvislaD

    Get well soon laddy. Good vid,god i hate that type of track,so easy to get bucked. Big line by Gee over that rock face into g out turn,Is he starting to ride like Caveman Warner more and more,plouws through everything letting the bike do its thing

  3. qq

    What song called guys?

  4. ed

    looks like a really fun track to cruise down and roost some nice turns but my god to pin a race run down it.

    Hope Taylor heals up good as new. I think that boy needs to go slower to go faster. AKA ride more with his head and build up his pace slower.

  5. nickyb

    @qq its a remix of nothing too much by The Fireman (Paul Macartnay band) got no idea who’s done the remix? Sounds like Adventure club?

  6. nickyb

    its sick though!!!! Come on Dirt whats it called?

  7. nickyb

    Found it, the bloody beetroots apparently


    1. qq

      Thank You 😀


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