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DirtTV: Crankworx Jeep Air DH

DirtTV: Crankworx Jeep Air DH

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Andrew Neethling is now the fastest rider to ever ride down A-line, beating the all time record by Brian Lopes. Conditions were perfect for the Jeep Air DH this year with a little rain making the infamous A-line course a little tacky in the corners.

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  1. Smoothwakey

    Lopes looks like an old justin barcia. jus sayin

  2. Dirtybird Racing

    brian may be getting old, but i bet he can still squat two trucks full of kittens

  3. Hunter

    Sven is a bit of a whore for screen-time!

  4. mike

    madd scrub by elliot jackson! and kintners 250 looks sikk!

  5. Mez Eldridge - Tull

    Lol! Good old Sven! Great edit guys!

  6. guido

    how come girls can’t or don’t seem to get sideways? – just sayin. Its not a strength thing is it

  7. AmplusTarenBrasil

    My fella Bernardo Cruz is on fire!!!

  8. treehuggergraeme

    @guido, its because girls suck

  9. Deirdre

    Lopes just want’s a hug, he’s not a bad lad…

  10. The Jude Bear

    A-lines are such Flash(ing) bastards!

  11. Councilhousekid

    Hilarious ‘silent cheer’ for Gee, he must have thought he’d gone deaf!


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