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DirtTV: Crankworx Canadian Downhill 2011

DirtTV: Crankworx Canadian Downhill 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Stevie Smith and Rachel Atherton take home the giant cheques from the Canadian DH at Whistler.

I was wrong to suggest that the Parkin Bros were partying hard in Whistler.

They’ve been up the hill with their cameras catching all the Crankworx action, mixing it with the savages and chainsaws on hecklers rock, catching the finish line interviews and everything in between.

Sit back and enjoy the sumptuous Canadian DH masterpiece from the hard working Parkin Brothers.

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  1. zac

    i gotta pay some bar tabs !

  2. jonzo

    and don’t forget to bring yer chainsaw to hecklers rock!

  3. Pedro

    Stoked for Needles. What a guy!

  4. Dan

    atmosphere there looked great.

  5. NorthWest

    Glad Dirt TV was there covering this. It was needed.

  6. james

    dirt tv is smoking pinkbike, always has always will

  7. George Milner

    So much better coverage than Freecaster, props parkin bro’s.

  8. DownhillDan

    there should be crowds like that at every race!

  9. dhdave

    I came out of this corner like patrick schwayzee on a bad day. Him over there…yeah him, he couldnt believe it. PLUS i wasnt even wearing a helmet. Helmets are for bender snakey joes. Im the champion, you cant touch me. always the original and the best DHdave coming through baby. Ill steal your wife and kill her

  10. ronin

    is there vid of the parkin bros riding or is it inapproriate to ask? ..or would it be not good to look at?

  11. Will

    Surly this would make for a brilliant world cup?
    Far better than South Africa anyway!

  12. jonzo

    Hey Dave you wanna stay off the gear fella it aint doin you any favours!

  13. jonzo

    @dhdave… pure gold!

  14. arse

    Think i might marry Margaret Thatcher!! and leave the rest to dave.

  15. Owen

    chainsaw jeff!

  16. John@DirtTV

    @ronin, no vids of us riding, way too busy shooting other people. Might do a helemt cam run with Rob some time this week though.

    Thanks to everyone else for the kind words, we really appreciate the fact that you enjoy the vids!


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