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DirtTV: Champery World Champs Timed Practice 2011

DirtTV: Champery World Champs Timed Practice 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Danny Hart has just shut things down big style with an amazing win in Champery, but if you still want more action, check this timed practice vid out!!!

  1. Duncan

    With all the Dirt TV all of a sudden and Danny’s result i think i’m going to overdose on awesomeness

  2. Zero Cool

    Myriam Nioole looks fast

  3. Daire

    Excellent video as usual, Cam Coles arm was disgusting! The way it just bent when he moved his arm made me queasy

  4. SamWakefield

    Tim Bentley… fairly sure that was Lew

  5. Droppin_Neutron

    Ouch did Cam Coles left arm look like I think it looked??

  6. cooke

    danny what a surprise legand and i am just as impresed with brendons result lovin wold champs its so pinned

  7. Josh

    That was a brutal crash! Heal up Cam!

  8. Christo

    Anyone know the song for this video?

  9. jonathan nicholson

    thanks dirt for being relentless and giving us these vids

  10. Lotti

    Poor Cam. I’m queesy too after seeing his arm bend like that, ew, i need some air.

  11. Ric

    Ow! What a crash! Took it like a real man tho get well soon! And Brendan’s bike turns me on!!

  12. Huby Thomas

    what the name of the sond please?
    great vid

  13. olliebongo

    Brendogs new paintjob looked sweet. i want one :)

  14. nskz

    Banging edit, on form as always!

    Song? Tried working it out but can’t make out a damn word the dude is saying, makes it hard.

    Healing vibes to Cam!

  15. Ben


  16. Barron Gwin


    any chance you could tell us what the song is?

  17. Huby Thomas

    song pleazzzze

  18. Billzod

    M83 Steve McQueen


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