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DirtTV: Champery World Champs Practice Day 1

DirtTV: Champery World Champs Practice Day 1

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

At last!!! This is what we’ve been waiting for!!! DirtTV Champery World Champs action!!!

Hopefully we can now focus on what promises to be an amazing race tomorrow and forget all the petty side issues along the way.

Big up respect to all the riders for putting their lives on the line and entertaining us so much!!!

Set the time machine for Tuesday and the first day of practice with some super excitable junior riders chomping at the bit.

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  1. jonzo

    Looks like somebody has seen sense at last!!!!!

  2. Tom

    YEEEHHHHHHHHH!!! Thanks DirtTV for cranking my stoke factor back up to 11!

  3. cooke

    lovin brendons bike and kit do hope he does well

  4. sunki

    Wery nice DirtTV i love your vids keep it up cheers :)

  5. Craig Quik

    Good to see Hill back on the bike!

  6. Turman


  7. Hidden due to low

    Racer 96’s straight off the shelf 2009 SX Trail with single crowns for the win! Much respect for having a go!

  8. TommyD

    Great edit guys! Loving the steel panther soundtrack as well!

  9. Carlos Gutierrez

    YEAH….thank God…!!!

  10. Dirty Dee


  11. guido

    cum-tastic, as always DirtTV. No way did Gee case a jump – WTF. that’s my stock-in-trade

  12. nozes

    Somebody give that last guy a proper DH bike!

  13. tom

    well….. that was sick!!!!

  14. Daire

    Fuck yes! Savage video

  15. Si Hubb

    Love it…. Better late than never. Well done Dirt for sticking at it and getting past all this beurocracy rubbish. Bet this “Rocky Roads” website wont get anything close to this…

  16. t.odd

    bringin’ the heat! welcome back and thank you!

  17. TallPaul

    At last I was about to go cold turkey I so needed this fix!!!

  18. Tom Riddle

    Yo what was the music? Nothing like a bit of cheesy metal to get STOKED THE FUCK OUT on

  19. fordy

    danny hart has the best socks by miles

  20. danny

    great edit bring it on

  21. Johan

    As always dirt brings the goods. Even though i have been riding 6hrs of dh today i feel like i should go out a smash out a few more runs.

  22. Iceman2058

    Oh yeah. That’s more like it! Now I feel like there’s actually a world’s on…

  23. Iceman2058

    Oh and according to this, everything is dandy. RockyRoads have nothing to do with banning Dirt TV, they just want to help. Make of it what you will (listen to the media clips):


  24. Steve

    Fantastic Vid!!!!!!!
    song name??

  25. savdog

    thank f@*k for that !!!!

  26. Jon P

    E P I C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dirty Harold

    fucking Yaaaaaldi!

  28. Steve

    Miram Nicole wants it wet?…….. I’m sure that can be arranged.

  29. Tim

    Awesome edit. Hart is looking rapid.

  30. centrifuge

    Loving it!

  31. kacperg2

    what is the name song?

  32. David H

    Steel Panther I think! Songs called Eyes of a Panther!

  33. the_bear

    That’s just AWESOME!
    Shame we won’t see dusty dry race day, Greg Minaar is tweeting that it’s raining!

    Also…..totally stoked for Cwmcarn uplift tomorrow, thanks Dirt!

  34. paul crowley

    all about Brendawg’s bike. Yes please.

  35. Stooky

    Excellent!! Hope someone has got you a freecaster ticket for your efforts Billy!

  36. sam

    So rad! Why on earth would you want it to rain? Track looks amazing as is! Swear so many racers say shit like “it’d be better if it rains” as some kind of ego trip. Of course I’m probably wrong…

  37. Jamie Walker

    Awesome Vid! David H is spot on with the song too: Steel Panther – Eyes Of A Panther
    Really looking forward to this afternoon on Freecaster, just hope my laptop behaves.

  38. chris finnimore

    Cool to see Troy & Sam riding together.


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