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DirtTV: Champery World Champs Chesty Cam 2011

DirtTV: Champery World Champs Chesty Cam 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt/Norco rider Ben Reid straps on the chesty cam and gives us a ride down the Champery World Champs track.

Ben Reid

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  1. Panzer

    Looks challenging.

  2. Gogogadgetgooch


  3. lmx


  4. joey

    i count 3:51 now lets see if ried wins with his practice run in the dry!

  5. ddmonkey


  6. wheelermook

    If you’re looking for a tune to listen to whilst watching this try
    The Selecter “Three Minute Hero”

  7. le jacques

    Question: Why do we see the saddle most of the time?
    Answer: freaking S T E E E E E P!

  8. toby

    bit flat

  9. bang

    @ billy .. will there be a post about the dirt-team bikes? … build/setup/details/excentric hardware or angleset used? ….. love the new norcos :)

  10. Tim

    That Norco looks damn fine.

  11. marcel

    would be interesting to do temperature readings of brakes and/or shocks on this course. they seem to be getting a workout!

  12. Mark

    Warners run with commentry should be interesting!

  13. Leon

    In the chit chat they said it was smooth , looked plenty nasty enough to me !

  14. Josh

    The fact that you see the seat multiple times shows you just how bloody steep the track is!

  15. enri

    leon,after val di sole,i wonder what wouldn’t look smooth as butter..

  16. ronin

    @panzer- you mean shallenshhzzeeeeeng…PIN IT FABIEN..one last time!!

  17. Sam

    HAHA! A little Dienameeeeck aswell.

  18. ronin

    how cool would it be for Hill and Barel to make the podium? what do you brits recommend as the proper beverage/cocktail for listening to Warner this crazy weekend?!!

  19. VonDH

    Cant comment on the video as the dirt site is slowly grinding to a halt. Its get so slow i can hit my local run and still be back before the main page loads…
    And no its not system before the IT trolls start thumbing it down.
    I know you lads do a fantastic job but please get the gremlins sorted out Billy

  20. Ben

    That norco looks like a trek

  21. Benji

    what an assault!!

  22. ben

    harder than willie apiata


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