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DirtTV: Champery World Champs 4x practice chit chat

DirtTV: Champery World Champs 4x practice chit chat

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Quick bit of chat from under the Champery floodlights on the first night of 4x practice.

DirtTV: Champery World Champs 4x practice session >>

  1. Steve

    Respect to Ffion doing it on the M9.. Smash it guuuurl!!

  2. stooky

    Realise that UCI Freecaster who ever is incharge of rights is being annoying but absoultly loving the daily up dates from the riders. Truly dont see this anywhere else.

    Top work guys keep it up these chit chat videos are where it’s at!!!

  3. billy

    Stooky, that could be the last chit chat video, just had bad news from the EBU.

  4. KidCards

    Explain in detail please billy…is there some way us dirt lovers can help out? This rights malarky is absolutely ridiculous!

  5. Al Carson

    Competing 4X on an M9, I love it :) Go Ffion!!

  6. stooky

    Well that sucks enourmous donkey baws…..

    You don’t get that coverage from anyone else a great insite into the downhill racer. Really sad that they can’t see that.

  7. ddmonkey

    Genius, spend a fortune holding the World Champs but sshhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, keep it all a big secret. Please can we have a full write up on the issues in the mag? Keep up the good work under diffcult circumstances!

  8. jonzo

    The lack of “build up” video FUCKIN SUCKS what the hell are they doing with OUR sport?
    Can we have a full explanation of the issue please Billy (or someone)?

  9. Leonard Brentwood

    Dirt have been a pivotal part in coverage of UCI downhill events for over ten years. Now they are being frozen out of things. I think it is disgusting.

    I’m happy to look at loads of single shots if that is a way to do things…with commentary over the top.

    As a lawyer however, I would say that all of this is hot-air on their part anyway. A bluff. A scare tactic.

    What is stopping joe bloggs roaming the hill with a camera in his hand and filming merrily away, posting it on yourtube or Vimeo etc and then that footage getting embedded on to the Dirt website?

    Will the UCI enforce the ruling by shadowing every non-paying filmer. Do the UCI actually want any media coverage at all?

    Teams and bike companies invest heavily in the sport and if they are not going to get their brands ‘out there’ through media exposure what motivation will they have to stay and invest further.

  10. Billy ray Circus

    This is interesting reading:

    Scroll down to the profits for World champs and then the costs.
    Over 11 million swiss francs in revenue….offset by over 2 million in costs.

  11. big man

    taken from another website forum….

    “the marketing director of the uci, lives 20 minutes from champery, she’s not coming to watch, and has never been to a DH race” (her wedding is this weekend)

    “Oh and they had no sponsors for this event because… “Mountain biking is a hard sport to explain to outside companies”

    says enough about it me thinks…

  12. ddmonkey

    I’ll have a go at explaining it. You tape a course offroad from the top of a mountain to the bottom, and then the person who rides their bike from the top to the bottom fastest wins. Lots of kids and their middle aged Dads love it and spend LOTS OF THEIR MONEY on it. How’s that Mr Corporate?

  13. billy

    I’ll try and explain in a bit, basically the EBU/UCI want 10,000 Swiss Francs for just 20mins of video this week.

  14. jonzo

    With the lack of any explanation then… can I assume that all filming rights have been sold to Freecaster which is why Dirt aren’t allowed any video coverage and that we will all have to pay Freecaster (or not in my case) to see the only coverage, which is just race day?

  15. jonzo

    So our lack of DirtTV is a financial decision by Dirt?

  16. ed@dirt

    I suppose it kind of is…but that is nearly £8000!

  17. jonzo

    And the rest of the year is FREE?

  18. matarratas

    This is asking for some major Boicot!
    In Spain there’s a misfortunate saying that suits this case: “O follamos todos, o la puta al rio”, which is something like “Either we all fuck, or we throw the whore to the river”…

  19. g

    I say hand over 10,000 in Monopoly money and see if they buy it.

  20. jonzo

    UCI need income to host these events and Dirt is also a commercial enterprise that makes money out of us…

    the £8000 does seem a bit steep (maybe a sliding scale for practise and quali days would be better) but let’s be clear of what’s happening here!

  21. stooky

    A sad day indeed.

  22. Bassdust

    Looking at the financial report put up by Billy ray Circus, it isn’t as clean cut as he notes re profit vs costs. I am not defending the UCI but just gonna play devils advocate here.

    First off the yes it seems World Champs are the big money makers for the UCI, the World Cups cost more than they make for the UCI. However it looks like NON OF THIS COMES FROM MTB.

    Check out the numbers and graphs on 172/173. It appears most of the of the revenue comes from Road by a massive margin. And none of this profit comes from MTB, it is negative.

    The UCIs MTB competitions (ALL disciplines combined) is in negative overall in profit re cost. It costs more for the UCI to put on these competitions than it makes off them!! Why is this??? Why are the costs of putting on the MTB competitions appearing to be 3 times the cost of Road comps??


  23. Bassdust

    …ooops cut myself off there.

    So what i was going to say is… it appears that for the UCI running the MTB World Cups and Championships appears to be a loss making exercise. Primarily because in their accounts it appears to cost at least 3 times that of putting on the equivalent Road comps, with negative profit.


  24. jonzo

    Right behind you Bassdust and I also think Dirt/MPORA should have budgeted to bring us video coverage from the Worlds… it’s not like it’s a surprise and look at this site is crawling with advertisements!


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