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DirtTV: Catching up with Brendan Fairclough

DirtTV: Catching up with Brendan Fairclough

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brendog hits up the Johnpound for some mini bike shredding with the s4p crew to regain his swagger.

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  1. Cyrus

    Awesome. Brendog for the win everytime. The man is keeping it real for the rest of the world cup riders.

  2. mr f

    not really, as sad as it is he´s doin nothin out there.. wanna see him come back fast and loose as he was

  3. Jamazepam

    Is Brendog the Andy Murray of downhill? All the talent and skills, just can’t apply it on race day. Its obviously annoying him. I hope he gets his swagger back, would help my fantasy league team! Plus he’s the only rider I watch there DH run again on the red bull coverage.

  4. jayjay

    no way! Andy Murray is the most boring tennis player to watch and has the least aggressive style ever. He is the opposite of Brendog, Brendog is the Marcelo Rios of downhill, look him up

  5. ben

    go smash it in Canada Mr dog!

  6. Eoin

    @jayjay So I looked up Marcelo Rios, and the top comment on youtube is: “A player who couldve been the best of all-time. had immeasurable talent. made the hardest shots look easy n with minimal effort . but the moron didnt train cuz he had NOO discipline whatsoever. one of the biggest what ifs in tennis history”.
    I really hope that isnt what happens to Brendog, but talent alone will not get you the gold these days. If only Schladming was still on the circuit :(

  7. unleash

    best video ive seen on here in ages .fiddy fantastic love it .im gonna have to go out on mine now haha.

  8. jayjay

    don’t worry, Brendans been training he just needs his spark back like he said, podium in Canada.
    Its funny cos I was actually comparing tennis players to wc riders when i was watching roland garros and then I saw Jamazepam’s comment and i was like no way haha.
    But Sam Hill is definitely Roger Federer and Aaron Gwin is Djokovic(except Gwins not a d**k), but hopefully Sam can get back on top, i dont think Federer will

  9. Eoin

    I would say Sam Hill is Nadal, unbeatable on certain surfaces, but plagued by injury from pushing too hard. Vouilloz is Federer, the best of all time, with a record that may never be matched.

  10. Jamazepam

    LOL @ jayjay, your right about Djokovic/Gwin comparison. The thing is Djokovic is growing on me over the last year, a bit like Gwin! Ha.

    Yeah, I hope B-Dog gets his swagga back!


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