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DirtTV: Aaron Gwin Trek Session 88 Bike Check

DirtTV: Aaron Gwin Trek Session 88 Bike Check

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Super knowledgeable mechanic, Monkey Vasquez , shows us around Aaron Gwin’s Trek Session 88 just hours before World Cup #3 in Leogang, Austria.

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  1. VonDH

    Cheers Dirt another good interview

  2. Matt

    Interesting to see he is running the new XTR brakes with Saint calipers. I have had saints on both my bikes and they are powerful brakes. My mate has just had a set of XTR trail brakes and they are significantly more powerful than Saints with a lot more modulation and reduced weight! Will be interesting to see if any more pro’s go down this route.

  3. Craigy

    I can only dream of finishing a run and Monkey grabbing my bike and looking after it

  4. Cal

    do i spy hope hubs?

  5. Daniel

    looks like a trek

  6. alex

    Craigy, I read your comment as “I can only dream of finishing a run and you grabbing my Monkey and looking after it”.

    I need to abstain from the Internets.

  7. Aaron

    Not all internets bad. Some internets good.

  8. mat

    would be great to see a vid like this of Barels bike! do-able pleae…?

  9. Big Al

    I love the L’Oreal advert on at the end of the video, but am worried about the effect it has on the user of the product. Do you think he is being held against his own will by the cosmetics manufacturer?

  10. roxy

    silver spokes WTF

  11. Jon

    Silver spokes are so dope!

  12. --

    yes hope hubs. monkey must be good at changing bearings because that is all you ever do with bloody hopes.

  13. Doug

    They will probably be running lightweight ti bearings with no grease, so they would need changed every race anyway. Anyone notice Gwin runs his brakes touching his grips?

  14. Matt

    Interesting to see that 3 people have given me the “thumbs down” for me noticing that Aaron Gwin is running XTR brake levers!!?? What is there to give the thumbs down about that?!!

  15. Ismyheartbruised?

    @ Matt – coz they’ve all bought Saint ones! 😉

  16. Ben

    Certainly last year they only ran Hope hubs for race and quali. No swapping bearings at TWR… just whole wheelsets instead.

  17. pH

    They use one good Johnny Cash song on a Luther ad then it’s on everything . . . . . .

  18. ed@dirt

    Just for your info…those XTR brake levers have been modified by Shimano in order to work with the Saint callipers, so don’t go trying to do it yourself…well you can but don’t blame me if you end up with brakes that are shite.
    Oh, and the reason he’s running them so close to the grips is cos the lever blades are super short.

  19. ronin

    @alex- one can read it as “I can only dream a monkey causes me my runs”

  20. Real detour

    furyferret@hotmail.co.uk posts nonsense.

  21. Karoliusz

    Why are my both posts deleted? Is here only ass licking allowed?

  22. Karoliusz

    Like “cheers Dirt. Another good interviev”?

  23. billy

    Karoliusz, I was told, if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Why the attitude? Lighten up a little.


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