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DirtTV: 26 Trix Finals

DirtTV: 26 Trix Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Blaming the weather sounds like such a cop out to any downhiller, as much as we’d prefer not to ride in the wet, when it’s race time we just get on and do it. Freeriding is different, it’s a tightly knit community that can easily come to an agreement if they think the weather will make for a shitty event. With that in mind qualifying was turned into a pseudo-finals in case the weather turned bad with all the riders doing two runs. The level at these competitions is quite frankly astonishing, the run that Semenuk had to throw down to win here in Leogang was bordering on perfect. Of course give it two years and the sport will have progressed again pushing the riders to new heights. Does downhill share this same rate of progression?

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  1. Leon

    Bunch of nutters man !
    And in reply to your question of does DH progress at the same speed , what we need is a track , probably man made to keep as many variables the same so it can be repaired back to original condition year in and year out and have some of the top guys ride it and compare results to the results of the previous year, that is the only way I can think of that would prove if DHers are actually progressing or not.
    How cool would it be to have run records to break like the Moto GP guys have Lap records to beat ?
    Kind of like the 1:04 idea but not on a track that is getting rougher and blown out as the year goes on to keep it fair.
    My guess is probably yes it does progress but with out a constant track to find out on it’s only guess work .

  2. mark

    wish some of them would pull their jeans/leggins up, they look silly!

  3. cooke

    lovin lance mcdermonts burly runs and a cheeky apperance of mitch delfs

    and @leon just sayin i ride down at gawton were the 1:04 is and the trak doesnt actually change much apart from in the rain gee was the last person there and set the fastest time

  4. james

    i think downhill progresses when someone like gwin this year comes out way faster and everyone has to also push to reach that extra level and go faster and also new products and designs in the way the bikes progress for example look at how much bikes have changed over the last 10 years

  5. centrifuge

    Mr. Dirt web man, In all politeness, Where have you been these last 15 years? “Does downhill share this same rate of progression?” If, you are really not sure of the answer to your question… because the answer is a mind bending Yes!

  6. SPecific

    To use the F1/downhilling analogy yet again, you could look at that sport and
    say well has it progressed. I’m sure the drivers from 10-20 years ago were of a similar skill level but the cars today have advanced so much it enables current top drivers to be even better. Just like I’m sure guys from Nico’s, Peaty’s and Rockwell’s era were probably not far off today’s in terms of skill it takes the bike technology in conjunction with it so if you add that on plus factor in what knds of courses these guys are riding now compared to then I would say it has progressed as much. I wouldn’t want to see everyone always riding the same track. How boring. That would be like F1 raced at one track every week. The best thing about this years courses is the difference in skills for each course – show me 7 dirt jump comps where there is as much variety in the track as 7 downhill courses. DJ has got better coz its the same stuff all the time – just like Leon said doing the same track – if you raced Gawton 365 day a year you’d progress quick – well all these DJ’ers have exactly the same jumps in their back yard!

  7. centrifuge

    In my facetious opinion, DH’ers should start maliciously punting their full face helmets into the crowd every time they have a bad run. Then again why not do it for good runs too! That would really progress the sport. You don’t say? I like dirt jumping, but to me, all these super straight super buff lines look more like a training ground, for real trail side antics, than a true DH freeride course though mother nature. I think dirt jumping has progressed to be more like the music industries “One hit wonders”.

  8. addicto

    Yeah keeping it simple I think DH is much more than simply a race run..its so many factors combined, and I think a big one of them is the equipment and machinery used, how its operated and how its set up. I maybe wrong but I’m pretty sure most DJ and slopestyle riders dont cut there tyres, tweak the suspension and shave every last gram of weight from their bikes for the ultimate performance, and that’s one of the main differences. At the other end of that, (me) having a 6″ do everything bike ( sx trail) that I ride dh, freeride,trail, xc and DJ on, I know how unbelievably difficult it is to throw down even the most basic of tricks one after the other…so I wouldn’t say its a ‘one hit wonder’ kind of thing to do….look at how many other ‘trick/point’ sports there are out there…

  9. Jack

    That trick at 3mins is awsome. Aint seen that before

  10. old skool

    the trick at 30 seconds is better – one foot whip – pure style, who is it?

  11. max22

    Without disrespect, there are better riders out there than Semenuk. I don’t get the hype.

  12. Tim

    Everyone should chill about the DJ vs DH thing as it is all mountain biking. Anyone who is a DH er and has hit some DJ’s knows it also loadsa fun and it takes a lot to be able too do both. There both progression cause that is what human want to do, progress, everyones getting better at everything!

  13. Tobias Wildebeast

    Course DH has progressed. Sam Hill pushed the field on technical skill and they’ve all had alot of work to catch up. The fitness benchmark has moved on massively aswell, with the likes of Gee, Minnaaar and now Gwineth combining huge technical skill with huge levels of strength and stamina.

    Mind you it feels like the format is being pushed to its limits as it stands. I’d love to see the Garbanzo or similar in the rosta. I also quite the idea of broadening the line choice some more.. like the wood section in Leogang; or points where riders can choose between doubling or tripling a gap etc. Make it like that the whole way down :-)

  14. Meru

    Really pisses me off on forums and posts when you get a debate going and someone ALWAYS sits on the fence to tell everyone that every body is the best and we’re all as good as each other and we should calm down and its not a competition one thing isnt better than another. . .

    What kind of shuttered, blinkered world do you live in without debate and freedom of expression as well as not being able to hold an argument with someone in order to develop your own understanding and see different sides to an issue.

  15. ol

    @Meru, great contribution to the debate there! Did you actually read your last sentence? it seems to be in an argument all of its own.

  16. Meru


    ” Everyone should chill about the DJ vs DH thing as it is all mountain biking. Anyone who is a DH er and has hit some DJ’s knows it also loadsa fun and it takes a lot to be able too do both. There both progression cause that is what human want to do, progress, everyones getting better at everything! “

  17. Sam Davies

    The trick at 3 minutes is a 360 downside whip.

  18. Jay

    what´s the title of the song?? I can´t find it…

  19. Craigy

    €6000 for a freeride competition? Crazy in comparison to the Dh riders in the World Cup Series

  20. rat

    haha yes delfsy!!!! some sick riding. whats with mcdermott being in granny ring

  21. g

    why do you sad acts have to turn every little thing into some sort of perception shattering debate?

  22. Leo

    Something tells me Andreu was not a happy man about finals being cancelled…

  23. ulludullu

    And the winner of the category “most drunk rider on the Party” goes to: Andreu Lacondeguy! Congratulations. 😛

  24. Morgan

    “Does downhill share this same rate of progression?”
    Simply put; no. And it never will.
    The reason for this is simpe: foam pits and resi ramps.
    Before these came along DJ tricks were limited to whoever had the biggest balls to try something new. But now, by having a safe place to practice and repeatedly screw up without consiquence, the fear of trying a trick for the first time is removed. Sure, it’s scary trying your first spin on dirt, but if you have them dialled on foam and resi, you already know what to do. DJ is only limited by two things now; the size of the ramp,and the imagination of the rider.
    For DH there is no comparable training aid. Riders are already at the limit of both their bodies, and the technology of their machines. It’s only when some new technology comes along that we see an increase of these limits. And these technologies are usually not rapidly forthcoming.
    And for all of those that saw the triple flip; the quad flip is almost here (yet again another BMXer showing MTB DJ the way)

  25. Morgan

    Oh, and the trick @3 min is a decade, not a 360 downside whip. The reason for it (before you all start calling me out) is the rider travelled a full 360 around the headtube, as opposed to the rider doing a downwhip (whip bike 180 one way, rider travels 180 other way to meet it), and continuing with a furhter 180 rotation to complete the 360. Sorry to be pedantic, but it’s yet more fuel for the BMX is better than MTB debate.

  26. BT

    max22 – you’re telling me that anyone else has the combo of smoothness, style and big fkin tricks than semenuk right now? did you watch that run of his? yeah there are guys that throw down big tricks and go for it – loads of amazing riders out there – but he has a pretty special combo of all the ingedients that i don’t think anyone else has right now

  27. kaspi

    pls song ?

  28. Michal

    i found the song:
    DJ Fresh – Gold Dust


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