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DirtTV: 2012 World Cup Recap

DirtTV: 2012 World Cup Recap

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

All the DirtTV 2012 finals videos in one place! This can only mean one thing…

…and that one thing is…

FINALLY is finally coming…soon!

Yes, thats right, we’re doing a DirtTV 2012 World Cup Finally film, and barring anymore meteor strikes, unwelcome horse DNA discovery or papal resignations it’ll be out…soon!

More info shortly but in the meantime here’s the complete 2012 DirtTV WC finals edits in our new snazzy syndicate player to get your World Cup juices flowing.

  1. Hristo Tanev


  2. bedders

    Great news Billy, do you mean a DVD? Cheers

    1. billy

      Yes, a VHS Betamax DVD I think! Will let you know more soon.

      1. bedders

        Cool, thanks Billy. Looking forward to that, just try and get it out before June 9th! 😉

  3. mr commencal

    ha ha the bird picking her arse at the beginning

  4. Stuff

    I tunes??

  5. luiz

    I tunes full HD mp4 please!

  6. luiz

    Or a blue ray disc.

  7. Si Hubbard

    DVD/Blueray I hope, as no Freecaster or any others seem avail from 2012. Would have been the first year for a long time with no purchasable season recap. Well done DIRT


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