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DirtTV: World Championships Tuesday Practice

DirtTV: World Championships Tuesday Practice

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

World Champs practice kicked off today here in Mont-Sainte-Anne. The track is blown out and dusty already, large parts of the track remain the same so the riders are getting straight into the swing of things.

We are in French Canada so French riders have the option of doing interviews for Dirt TV in French if they really want to!
Damien says: “For the moment it seems not bad, there’s a lot of height loss and it seems very dry and fast rolling, I think it’s going to ride very fast!”

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  1. matlem

    great vid already. cant wait, come on you brits……

  2. rosco

    That Tom Braithwaite crash looked nasty!!!

  3. billy

    Roscoe, I think thats some Parkin humour!

  4. adam

    sam hill looks good!!

  5. JW

    Anyone know where you can bet on the downhill – surely a jonnier – hill win?

  6. jonzo

    Hill looked very cautious!

  7. GGR

    That Tom Braithwaite crash was actually a Peaty crash, note the bike and number plate.

  8. Jamie

    Is anyone having trouble loading mpora video’s? I get the player but it’s forever saying “please wait”. Vimeo, youtube and any other flash player are all working fine.

  9. Lythy

    GGR, nooooooo! realy?

  10. Dirty Dee

    Awesome, it’s only wednesday and already we’re watching some bangin Parkin gold. Love it

  11. peet

    GGR that was the humor part

  12. tom

    that start ramp is rad!

  13. Rick

    I realised it was Peaty having the off, not Tom Braithwaite, but I didn’t get the joke. Anyone care to enlighten a gimp?

  14. baddog

    Track looks sooooo mucho funo!!!!! is the footage gonna be on freecaster?????

  15. alterego

    Does anybody know the titel of the song???

  16. jackjenkins

    come on gee man! bring it home:)x

  17. John@Dirt TV

    Joke is that Steve’s new kit looks slightly similar to Tom Braithwaites Hope kit. Nothing deeper than that. Simple things keep you amused when you live in a hotel for 6 months of the year.

  18. KB

    Hey John@Dirt TV seeing as we’re explaining the funky captions (love em by the way) whats the story with the black text for Ben Reid then?

  19. Rick

    It is on freecaster, but it’s a pay per view for the world champs.
    John – thanks for the joke explanation.

  20. Ben

    song is by kleerup – hero. used by bloc party when they go on stage to

  21. Mez

    Ha! I get it now! Love the coverage Dirt! Keep it up!

    It’s not just me is it… But Brett is really annoying over at Pinkbike…

  22. John@Dirt TV

    Ben Reids black caption is all a conspiracy… Or not… We used a black caption one day at Windham because Ben was sitting against a white background. We forgot to change it back. Happy?

  23. Tim

    Who gives a fork about the captions! How about, Thanks for all your time and effort Parkin bros. That was another quality vid! Cheers.

  24. hubert

    Just a precision, damien is saying
    there is a lot of berms (relevés in french) not height loss (dénivelé in french)

  25. Charles Robertson

    As said many times before no ones got shit on you guys. You had a perfect backing track and therefore it didnt matter what the footage was like it was going to be a success, but the footage was sick aswell so you’ve made me happy. Not realy that fussed im not there now, hope you guys have fun.

  26. spunkface

    Love it.

  27. NorthWest

    What’s the song?


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