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Dirt TV: Windham World Cup Finals

Dirt TV: Windham World Cup Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

What an epic end to an epic season! After qualifying on Friday there were only 4 points separating Gee Atherton and Greg Minnaar, final positions in the race made no difference with the fastest of the two taking home the title. Many people speculated that it was a perfect chance for an outsider to take advantage and sneak a win, and this was almost the case for Steve Peat. Peaty has been struggling to make it to the podium all year but he’s peaking just in time for World Champs next weekend and this showed with a win in qualifying and 1.5 second lead at the second split. Unfortunately peaty proved to be too speedy for his own good and threw it away, crashing as he came into the finish area. In the end it was Gee who managed that extra pedal stroke worth the valuable 0.37secs that won him the race and his first series overall title.

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  1. Leon

    Sick edit guys , respect to you lot for putting these edits up so fast!!
    Did any one get any footage of Spagnolos huck of doom? was one one the scariest things I have seen 😛

  2. DIRT HQ

    Amazing race, amazing season, and amazing coverage. Thanks to all you guys at Dirt TV.

  3. Big Si

    Another sick edit, Cheers DirtTV for all the vids!

  4. Anoobis

    Minaar keeps mentioning all the other problems he’s had to deal with, his slightly melancholic mood all year makes sense now he’s said that.
    great edit though, shame its now over till next year!

  5. Lucifer

    Wish seasons like the these last forever…

  6. TimBud

    That was a StunninG edit guys!

    Was that Soundgarden playing?

  7. jo

    I would have said Wolfmother.
    Another great vid, thanks for keeping us on our toes all season and thanks to all the racer for having steped up their game once again… bring on the World champs!

  8. Rob

    Anyone know what minnaar is talking about?

  9. Lythy

    Brilliant, thanks again Dirt TV

  10. forddog

    brit domination, bring on the worlds next wk!

  11. guido

    these race compilation vids are amazing. quality camerawork, great edits and put together so quickly. The bar has been raised so much that we feel cheated if there is no quality vid within 24 hours of a race. maximum respect to the videographers!!

  12. ronin

    thanks Dirt for all the great coverage! One left to go and then severe withdrawals set in!

  13. Ant

    Minnaar moaning again. Same old. Doesnt win so he has too moan. Good work Gee, you deserve that.

  14. frenchman

    Another sick edit! Thanks guy’s!!!

  15. intense951

    why, why, why does the season not last forever? Dark nights, snow, rain and no (NO) world cup…….. There should be a world cup held in oz and other places where its warm over the winter.

  16. Borris

    Awesome work Gee!!

    Fair play to Minaar – he must be gutted so its nice to hear him admit that he lost it fair and square. Sign of a true sports man.

  17. yoniboi

    I agree with Borris. True sports man. I don’t think he’s moaning, in fact he said how much he’d enjoyed the riding and that Gee had outrode him. That’s not moaning. All the other stuff he just mentioned to put into perspective how important for him the riding is, not the winning, but the riding and the competition. Good man. Congrats to the guys who do the vids. They’re amazing. Thanks.

  18. VonDH
  19. dirt dodger





  20. specialneedz

    Wyn for PM!

  21. Coop

    All you haters need to let up on GM. He has obviously been dealing with a whole lot of personal stuff throughout the season. Would say that racing has been a hell of distraction for him. For him to say that he was beaten fair and square by Gee takes a real man and a great sportsman. Thanks to all at DirtTV,MTBCUT and whoever else has posted footage up over the season. Thanks to all the RIDERS,MECHANICS,TEAMS and SPONSORS. Without you we wouldn’t have this wonderful spectacle of DH and FourX.
    Come on the KIWIS for WORLDS!!

  22. rob

    ‘All you haters’?? are you really using that phrase? makes you wonder….
    Anyway, pretty sure only one person was ‘hating’ on Greg.

    All good racing though. Gutted for peatty!

  23. Jez Scott

    Amazing race & season, a win for Peaty would have been perfect for me but Gee really is the man.

    Can anyone expand on the issues GM has alluded to – are they injury related due to the enduro crash at the start of the year?

  24. iloper

    Great Edits… DVD soon?

    Great season. hope to have a better one still next year! :)

    Congrats to the winners. you were the best this year!

  25. John@Dirt TV

    DVD for sure, but probably not all that soon!

  26. Ant

    I am not a greg hater. He is a brilliant rider with a super smooth style. But he is making excuses, watch the season videos again and u will notice them. Yes he said gee did a good job but he also goes on about the other stuff he has been dealing with(without mentioning what it is). Everyone has stuff 2 deal with,his job is to win not make excuses.

  27. Leon

    I think people need to lay of Greg a bit , from the sounds of that interview he is dealing with some issues of some sort in his personal life that are far more important then being positiive in interviews

  28. le jacques

    Thanx Dirt, Mtbcut & all the top riders for such a hot season! Ride on!!!

  29. JD

    Ultimately, Gee has had to deal with plenty too – his brothers little incident must play on his mind at least a little, eh?! Top notch for him to stay focussed and get the win and the overall that he’s deserved all season long. Great stuff.


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