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Dirt TV: Val di Sole World Cup Finals

Dirt TV: Val di Sole World Cup Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Booooosh! The big one is here!!! All the Italian gold from the World Cup finals in Val di Sole Italy!

Relive all the Italian drama, the excitement, the heat, the dust, the sheer bonkers track and the insane riding of the Worlds top downhill racers in this epic HD masterpiece from the Parkin Bros!

Since Aaron Gwin won the race and the series we’ve let him choose the opening tune…Ozzy ftw!

Big up to the Parkin Bros for the outstanding World Cup coverage this season! Cheers guys!

  1. ross

    looks like a trek…..

  2. Dirtybird Racing

    myriam taking hits like a gir…oh, she was laughing?? … myriam babe points just went up two fold

  3. Bikeactive

    Great edit guys.

  4. James

    Well excited for the world champs now, go on Danny boy!

  5. cam

    great season to watch…. Riding style doesn`t get more mental than Danny Hart…?
    Brosnan another great one to watch.. He just glides along…
    Next season will be so insanely competitive.

    always wonder whether Gwin would have reached these giddy heights on the Yeti..?

  6. spunkface

    Mint vid. Cheers. Poor troy got a bit left out at the end with the champagne didn’t he??

  7. TomH

    @ JipFace: Probs coz he’s a Junior and all that, responsible use of alcohol

  8. Paco

    Great edit guys – one of the best yet!
    Thanks for all the great coverage this year. Roll on 2012!

  9. Baldor

    Best shot of Hart’s berm explosion yet! Good work boys – SHE WAS THE MONEY SHOT!!

  10. Tepid

    Crash! Bang! Wallop! Whatavideo!

  11. Leon

    Thanks for another great edit guys.
    Myriam is fast , hot and tough !
    Dannys berm explosion was a classic shot !
    And mega pumped for Gwin , he makes it look so undramatic yet so damned fast and humble with it.

  12. ChrisBarber

    Danny Hart……..Wow!!!!!
    Absolutely oustanding vid!!!

  13. AD

    @ cam.

  14. AD

    Don,t know what happened there??? @ cam, yep, without that trek, Aaron probably would not have won a single race. Everyone should go and buy a Trek right this instant…. buhahahahahahahahah

  15. mushy

    I liked the bit where Peaty congratulated Danny on his run :)

  16. Marcus

    I agree with AD
    Gwin was on the verge last year on the yeti, trained his arse off, and came back angry and ready to blow it up this season. He’s all focus…

  17. mike wood

    wonder what I’ll get down the bookies on Danny World Cup champ within 3 years (Gwin in the way… grrr) and Troy within 5 (Danny in the way…).

  18. javier

    please can you tell me the music of 6 minutes

  19. themostintrstngmaninthewrld

    sam hill will be the highlight in their next edit.

  20. Ali Todd

    Finally, a post about Val di Sole without “scorch” in it…

  21. Dirty Dee

    @javier. It’s called Gold, Guns, Girls by Metric. Awesome tune that goes well with the riding. Cheers for this Parkins :)

  22. Barron Gwin

    @javier The songs Metric – Gold Guns Girls

    Beast of an edit, and all the WC edits! Cheers to the parkin bros, red-lined the stoke-meter for sure!

  23. Squawboarder


  24. Bruno

    Man, i was wishing a long time for some new blood at the Top and finally this new punks are giving some fresh air to the WORLD CUP.. hope next season will be more competitive with this kids winning some races.. DANNY and TROY are gonna kick some ass…

  25. Dunf T-1

    Tremendous video’s all season dudes! Thursday random.. Can you please bring back the love / hate bit in your news column? Cheers

  26. nozes

    Oh man,that’s just too much for me!
    I need to lay down now.

    Thanks Dirt & Parkin bros for warming up our blood

  27. Redride

    fuckin mental ridin! no hair danny FTW!

  28. Johan

    Great as always, what would a summer be with out dirt?

  29. TommyD

    Oh my word, never thought I would hear black sabbath, the the greatest band of all time on a mountainbike video! Great choice Gwin. Brilliant edit aswell guys.

  30. raddog

    Brilliant edit. Makes me wanna go ride my bike. It just saddens me that I go so f*cking slow. I wanna ride like those guys man! 😉

  31. cycloholic

    Wow – where did the season go?

  32. rh

    Hart Attack should have got that weight saving ‘aero’ hairstyle a few rounds earlier; works well! RIP Mullet..

  33. Pike

    Fookin brilliant – amazing riding, tunes were spot on – I know we’ve got worlds coming up but I cant wait for next season – the new guard is on a charge!!!

  34. oknid

    awesome video, awesome season!!!
    big props to nicole laughing that hit off…
    on to the worlds 😉

  35. VonDH


  36. Tim

    El minto. How are Pom-Pom’s Pom-Pom’s after that smash.

  37. Ric

    Scorching edit!! Thanks for all of em this season DirtTV!!


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