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Dirt TV: Megavalanche Saturday

Dirt TV: Megavalanche Saturday

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Saturday at the Megavalanche saw the start of the Mega Ladies competition at the top of the Glacier at Alpe d’Huez. After a holeshot from Hannah Barnes, Anne-Caroline Chausson went on to take a convincing win on the 32km Megavalanche course.

Results here.

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  1. Rosco

    Chausson beat Reid and Couscous on time, she would have finished approx 41st in the mens. That’s impressive!

  2. billy

    Be great to see her back at a World Cup.

  3. Terrid

    You should get Sven Martin to present more – what a revelation!

  4. oobitrams


  5. Alfie Polax

    Rachel Atherton would still get obliterated if Chausson started racing DH World Cups again. Best rider ever hands down.

  6. mtbjeff

    Super loooong sticky slow snow section this year – trying to pedal+scoot down a black run and having the bike sink and get stuck was crazy.

    Lots of fitness needed this year for that section.


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