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Dirt TV: Maribor World Cup Finals 2010

Dirt TV: Maribor World Cup Finals 2010

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The rain slowed up and riding sped up as Finals kicked off here in Maribor. Rachel Atherton returned to her winning ways with a convincing 10 second margin over Sabrina Jonnier in second even after breaking her finger only one week earlier. A lot of riders came off trying to make the podium including top qualifier Sam Hill, but Gee Atherton stayed on and posted a great time only to be beaten by just 0.25 seconds by race winner Greg Minnaar. Great results for British riders Brendan Fairclough in 3rd and Joe Smith in 8th.

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  1. Johannes

    where is the 4X finals video??

  2. Alfie Polax

    Gee deserved the win down to his line through the rock garden.

  3. Marc

    Ya Gee’s line threw the rock garden was INSANE, couldnt believe it when i saw it

  4. martinG

    no wonder brendan was sick in his helmet… considering the lap dance night he an sam had

  5. paul

    get on brendog, great result, top 5 for this lad this year.

  6. billy

    Johannes, UCI won’t let us film 4x finals.

  7. CJ

    Why aren’t you allowed to film the 4X finals??

  8. Stiff Peter

    There really needs to a a coup d-etat against the UCI. Who’s up for it? I don’t have any guns or tanks, but I’ve got a few garden tools.

  9. foggy

    once again we have wicked worlds coverage, big thanks to dirt for keeping it real

  10. josh

    anyone got a video of gees line through the rock garden ??

  11. graham

    what’s going on with the finals footage?…it’s only the last corner and finish line now? the riders were all wearing different kit further up the hill. You may as well just do vox pops!.

  12. tom

    Does Gee Atherton have a Hitler beard?

  13. John Parkin

    Finals footage is exactly the same as it was last year. You only notice the different kit because everyone was wearing rain gear in practice.

  14. Farmer

    Are you guys using a DSLR for all the filming now? Or just interviews?

  15. WAKi

    Good race vid! Congrats to South African consistent mass of muscles!

  16. sxy

    There will be no more DH Maribor next year due to financial issues.

  17. Mez Eldridge-Tull

    Anyone know what happened to Peaty!?! I unfortunately missed the DH and he’s waaay down… Crash!? Or what…?

  18. Alfie Polax

    Peaty looked like it was the first time he’d ridden a bike. Useless to be honest.

  19. ronin

    rachel 10 secs up on second?! that girl just owns it.

  20. zak

    Alfie Polax wtf? You serious? I take it you’ve got a better result than that then? Knob jockey!

  21. LYTHY

    great vid, thanks for all the sweet coverage Dirt

  22. Tim Wild

    Watching the Eurosport coverage right now and the commentary sucks so much. It’s got to be one of the main things holding the sport back on TV? The Giro D’Italia sounds more exciting at the moment because of the commentary…

  23. Viv Jones

    Hi I just wonder there miss out video of Manon Cappenter as I seen Troy broson on the video so…. however manon got her first Junior world cup bloody great !!!

  24. Alfie Polax

    Yeah Zak I reckon I’d have looked better in few spots than Peaty. He looked like a total spaz in the rock garden. With all due respect a number of women looked better.

  25. Craig82

    Well done Greg, go South Africa!

  26. spunkface

    I watched the DH finals on freecaster and considering you had to pay, the coverage was not so good. They managed to capture some really good bits. Loads of crashes and mistakes in the mud. Gee’s line through the rocks looked sick but he made a mistake further down. I liked Scott Beumonts (spelling…) comments on the 4x vids but his commentry for the DH was seriously weak. There was a lot of time where he was just talking about stuff unrelated to the race and missing moments as if he wasn’t even looking at the screen, it reminded me of that T**T chris Moyles on radio 1… Shame Warner was stuck in Egypt.

    A wicked start to the season though. Good work Greg!!!


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