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Dirt TV: Leogang World Cup Finals

Dirt TV: Leogang World Cup Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Here we go team, your DirtTV Leogang World Cup Finals edit. Featuring Sabrina Jonnier, Steve Peat and Brendan Fairclough getting his tear off.

Also inside…Sabrina’s take on Rachel’s crash.

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  1. matt g

    loving the music classic and vid woz spot on. What alot of fun the track looked, good to see peaty back on hot seat! even if it wasnt a win but kets hope can build on it? Whats full story with Rach Atherton?? Well done Mannon!!

  2. -273

    Great vid! The track was sketchy as hell just to walk down, was well impressive seeing the speed they were all going.

  3. boerni

    pretty nice to hear somebody thank their mechanic for the work they do. most of the riders would be nothing without them.

  4. vandick

    Great video, good job DIRT TV

  5. zak

    That was sick! Blinky’s a fooking loose canon.

  6. olly

    lovin the WC this year!!!!

  7. Olliebongo

    really eventful round, nice vid. whats up with minnaar?? he’s stopped bein such a dick!! congrats on the win.

  8. Tom

    That was an awesome vid rounding up an awesome weekend. Keep em coming!

  9. Messy

    Love it. Unlucky Gee… but you have to admire Minneaar’s consistency and pace. Thats what wins world cups. To be honest, I dont think Sam Hill could match that. He would have crashed 5 times on that track!

    At least this keeps things close in the world cup! Like Olly said… loving the WC this year!

    Brendan, too much style! Saw Danny Hart do something similar at a NPS round a while back. Well known ‘flying through the air at mach 3 but i’m just too good to care’ tear-off technique.

  10. rusty

    @ olliebongo hang out with steve peat and the syndicate for long enough and you soon become a dude (i remember when greg took things pretty serious. good old steve)

  11. tdiddy

    great to hear a different tune from Minnaar this time around. I wonder if he received any coaching due to all the recent internet hate? That’s what the fans want to hear, good sportsmanship, excited to win, credit given to the support crew. Good job Greg.

    Anyway, any word on why Mitch Delfs DSQ’d?

  12. Monkeyfudger

    Where’s the 4x replay guys???

  13. Sid

    No one seems to have thought abought this, but we’ve (Brit) had some of the best juniour riders for years. Where are they now? Fairclough, Bryce, Hart, Simmonds, on and on? Succesful local results but no presence on WC! Blinky, Gwin, Cole etc are regular podium. Are we lazy?

  14. Rosco

    Good to hear the track was a real challenge for them all, it’s what you want really, something that even these guys find hard to race on. Event organisers seem to be doing really well in terms of upping the difficulty of tracks, havent had a bad one so far this year and doesn’t look like we’re going to.

    Hope Gee can keep the pressure on and take the overall. Go Gee man!

  15. rafi

    @sid , blinky gwin and cole havn’t had theat may podiums coles had 2 blinky 4 gwin 5 , compare that to brendan whos had 5 and its about the same and we all know how he doesnet like pedalling. and look outside the top 10 to the top 20 and you will find simmonds and hart and last year josh dont know whats up with him this year.

    there all still young so theres penty of time for them to get up to the top step of the podium.

  16. Eddie

    8 Brits in the top 20

  17. tony

    amazing edit DIRTTV!!! anyone know the song name????

  18. CoilairDeluxe

    Brilliant Dirt TV keep them coming they are insane!!!


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