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Dirt TV: Enduro World Series Round 2 - Val d'Allos

Dirt TV: Enduro World Series Round 2 - Val d'Allos


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  1. RHS

    Please could you talk to other riders than just the Downhill Standard crew please?

    1. Paco Loco


  2. rhys

    is that a new suspension design covered up on fabien barel canyon

  3. Tino

    Not much of Dan Atherton, wanted to see if he had taken the highrollers off from Puntala?
    Some big speeds to fall off of small bikes in there, hope everyone is healing up well.

  4. Ben

    Such good coverage, loved it! DIRT, how about a feature in the magazine about what goes into all the awesome coverage you give us? I’d love to see behind the scenes a little bit.

  5. MaverickHD

    Awesome video edit, thats how its done, cheers guys!

  6. Eoin

    Great video, cheers Dirt!

  7. James

    After following the race on twitter it sounded a really exciting race but after watching that video it seemed to miss all the excitement of the race?

    All the riding looked like it was in slow mo even when then they are racing flat out it just looked slow and apart from Tracey was there any other girls racing or did i fall asleep during all the action.

    The best bit of the video no matter where he is or what he is doing was Cédric Gracia such a super star!

    Come on Dirt Tv we want to see the real excitement of Enduro racing.

  8. Mushy

    Thanks for the great coverage DirtTV! I agree though that it would be nice to get some interviews with a wider range of riders.

  9. fanboy

    Wow, great video! The Enduro World Series is great to watch, real mountain biking and all the legends mixing it up!

    Love the interviews. Could you please also talk to some other girls than Tracey? Would be interesting to also see what Cecile and Anneke thinks for example.

  10. Paolo_Del_Bene

    If you are using a browser different from:
    C)hrome; F)ireFox; I)nternet Explorer; M)osaic;
    N)etScape; O)pera; S)afari…. You need to click with the right button of the mouse on the page and find “View Source”…

    If you are using: Elinks; Epiphany; Galeon; GNU/IceCat; IceWeasel; Konqueror; Lynx; SeaMonkey, it will not support FLASH.

    So search the files: “.mp4 and *.webm

    If you are using GNU/linux you don’t need any browser to watch the movie, you have to your own disposition:

    Gxine; Kmplayer; Totem; VLC; Xine

    Starts your own shell (bash) or called (sh), and type

    totem http://ugc4.mporatrons.com/videos/AAdim6h8wfxe_640.mp4 and push the key enter in few seconds totem will charge in cache the movie
    and you will see it, without to be connected to the network, and you can repeat the movies all the times you want.

    To close totem, click on the button X on the top, to the right.

    Good Luck

    I am watching without the need to download, to be connected on the network, and without delay on the movie


  11. Paolo_Del_Bene

    anyway it’s a beautiful movie


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