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DirtTV: Champery Finals

DirtTV: Champery Finals

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

DirtTV Finals video from the World Cup in Champery. Gee Atherton and Emmeline Ragot take the wins in a titantic battle on the Swiss hill where the track went from being dry and dusty to sloppy wet to sticky gloop in a matter of days.

That didn’t stop the Parkin Bros banging out amazing video edits…check out the epic finals video.

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  1. ed@dirt

    oooops something is not right billy!

  2. David
  3. Tom

    Another sick vid, love the coverage and the edits.
    Can’t believe Brendan and Blenki seem disappointed by their podiums – after all it’s not that shameful to get beaten by Gee and Greg. They should just enjoy the ride …

  4. ed@dirt

    Tom , these guys just want to win, simple as that. Even second place is a loser to them, and that’s part of what goes into making them the best riders in the world. You got to want the win.

  5. Joe Allerton

    Once my basketsball team lost to this kickass team, we came heaps close to winning. Even though we should not have gone soo well, we were kinda sad we didnt win!!!!!!
    They were very humble about it, good on em!!!

  6. Messy

    What a race. Bit of a shame about the track… It should have been dry and I reckon Brandan could maybe have done a little better. I guess thats why he’s disappointed.

    I think there is great respect from the top three riders… Brendan acknowledges the fact that maybe he just wasn’t strong enough, and Mineaar acknowledges Brandans skill and Gee’s consistency. They all know they will have to work hard and dig deep to beat each other.

  7. Ollie

    OMG – chick on chick action! Footage of Emmeline was a highlight – “Fly…” Splat! 😀

  8. iceman2058

    CEDRIC! One-footer! Legend!

  9. Jamazepam

    Great sportsmanship all round. Results aside! Did Ben Reid get his Thunder Truck going again? I hope he got it sorted out.

  10. billy

    Soz, about the technical hitch…all hunky dory now!

  11. billy

    @Jamazepam, ThunderTruck is rolling and will be joining the Val Di Sole convoy! Reidy reckons his injured wrist should be healed enough to ride in Italy.

  12. nozes

    Another rider down with a injured wrist is Cameron Cole,shame really,he was having a great season so far…

  13. marc

    whats up with no replay from freecater??

  14. olly

    emmeline is cute!!!!

  15. amplus taren brasil

    Just thinking wats happen if Sam Hill was raced this…

  16. Flip

    What´s the name of the song?

  17. MINT

    billy whats the song?its epic!

    by the way ragot is cute!

  18. billy

    Mint, I’ll ask the Parkins when I see them.

  19. Tom

    The Hives – Tick Tick Boom


  20. MINT

    thanks tom i appreciate that.

  21. Flip

    Thx bru

  22. jay

    what cameras do the parkin bro’s use? anyone know?


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