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Dirt TV: Anka Martin and Tracy Moseley talk enduro

Dirt TV: Anka Martin and Tracy Moseley talk enduro

We all know girls like to chat, and so we sat Anka Martin and Tracy Moseley down at the Val d’Allos round of the Enduro World Series, stuck a camera in front of them, and then said talk!


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  1. Endrikh Darkvine

    indeed, like these girls say, enduro is basically what we all do on the weekends and etc. on our mountain bikes; navigating, trail riding and then we race each other on the downhill sections

  2. G man

    Comment removed due to completely unnecessary, and incorrect, statements about a persons character. Come on there’s no need for that kind of stuff.

  3. Sam Felton

    Good to see the girls chatting openly and relaxed. G man a bit harsh, especially behind an anononymous, I think it’s more passion, humor and commitment to craft than ego.

  4. Big Bird

    I don’t see where anyone could have anything bad to say about two such charming and lovely ladies.


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