Dirt readers rides

Here’s a random selection of the latest Dirt readers rides from the Dirt Forum.

George-93 “my bike , rides like a dream !”

Christiaan’s newly built BMX

Laurie Greenland’s Kona, his dad says “Laurie’s bike was built by Psyclewerx who sponsored him last season and even tho he’s a titch and the only rider on 24″ wheels this bike got him to the podium at every round of Taff, all but 1 round of Caersws cup, English champs and his first and only national.
He’s going to be officially old enough to race next year and probably moving up to 26″ wheels.”

SuperCow who says “Here’s my wife and my dirty little whore”

Dirt readers rides

Konablu “My MDE Bolder S 2010 (staright top tube). Adjustable shock mount slider; 66° head angle, +1mm bottom height, 1.5″ steerer and zero stack headset, 160mm travel front + rear, no linkages.”

Alex Hill “Edward the bear and my bike. hurhur. Shame I’m slow.”

Dirt Readers Rides

ThoughtFul Dog “the ginger chariot!! ”

Polho’s DH rig