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Dirt Norco - WDMBA Round 1 Rheola

Dirt Norco - WDMBA Round 1 Rheola

Dan Stanbridge

A report from yesterdays race courtesy of team rider Dan Stanbridge:

“Just back from a good weekends racing at Rheola. It was round 1 and the first ever WDMBA Downhill race, which for those not in the know is a new series starting up based in South Wales.

Fast is probably the only word needed to describe the track…. for those that have been to Rheola, imagine dry conditions, a worn in course and plenty of straight lines to be had. For those who haven’t been there before, imagine a high speed bob sleigh run through trees with rocks scattered about and you wont be too far off.

The weekend went well really, it was an eye ball rattling ride but fun except unfortunately a friend (Tom Wheeler – Team Mojo) had an unlucky but nasty crash on the Saturday towards the end of practice which really sucked, get well soon T-Bag!

Photo by Alex Tyler http://www.tyler138.com/

I am excited to see the start of this series (as well as some of the other events on in South wales at the moment including the MIJ events). I think South Wales has some of the best tracks around, they are in a fairly accessible location for a lot of people, there are some great riders coming through the ranks, and after the Welsh Dragon series finished (previously the main series based in this area) there has been a big gap to fill. The Welsh Dragon series for me was a great steppingstone to Nationals then world cups so between MIJ and WDMBA it is cool to see new events filling its place. There is a great bunch of guys working at all these events, passionate about the sport as well as the success of their events, so all being well I can only see them growing. If you are at all tempted, go along because I’m sure you’ll have a good weekend.”

More Mountain Biking Videos

Here’s a seat post cam from Dylan Jenkins who came 3rd in the vets.

Highlights from the results are below, the rest can be found at: http://wdmba.co.uk/Elite

Dan Stanbridge: 2.58.37
Leon Rosser: 3.05.96
Rowan Sorrell: 3.07.76

Elite Female:
Emmeline Ragot: 3.12.09
Fionn Griffiths: 3.27.84

Will Soffe: 2.59.12
Joel More: 3.02.36
Duncan porter 3.08.81

Laurie Greenland 3.23.57
Obi Eichhirn: 4.08.42
Jack Jenkins: 4.18.45

Taylor Vernon: 3.08.66
Mike Jones: 3.09.61
Thomas Owens: 3.10.64

Jay Williamson: 3.08.60
Grant Boyce: 3.09.30
Moss Macriner: 3.09.99

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  1. VivJones

    Mhh you miss out the Senior’s result !

  2. billy

    Did you win Viv?! I’ll add them when I get a chance!

  3. TimBud

    Couldn’t see much in that vid, except bike, knees and two finger braking

  4. Stefan

    hey .. there is much more too see … for example the worst fork set up i have ever seen …..

  5. VivJones

    Billy, I did’t do that racing! (I wish could won the senior.)


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