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Dirt Norco Team travels 2012

Dirt Norco Team travels 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

So far this season the Dirt Norco Race truck (AKA the Vampire Deluxe) has come up against some of the wildest weather Scotland’s has to offer, shortly followed by the searing heat of Val-di-sole, and new resident Duncan Riffle from across the pond has been geting accustomed to his new home away from home.

As the team begin to pack up this week, excited for the next big trip, here is a look back at some of the Dirt Norco Race Team travels from earlier this year.

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  1. M

    Really good video. Not a whole load of riding, but that makes it pretty refreshing with all the other edits floating around. Ends rather abruptly though.

  2. Olliebongo

    Great Vid,Love the Still photo’s, number 5 is a classic. the aul “Trucker/Twin Cam/How’s She Cuttin’ Wave”

  3. Taylor Williams

    cant wait to see alot more media cover from the dirt team! awsome bunch of guys


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