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New Dirt Norco Team Bike - Exclusive

New Dirt Norco Team Bike - Exclusive

Dan Stanbridge

The team just took delivery of 2 shiny new Norcos to start the season on. After a late night last night, they are built, stickered and ready to get stuck into some racing this year.

Keep and eye out for more photos to come soon, plus a full bike check and hopefully a look around the teams new pits which will be unveiled in the next week or so.

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  1. Jenxy

    Is it just me or does this look like some sort of Comencal/Specialized hybrid?

  2. standard banter

    looks like a trek

  3. goog

    looks like a melted session

  4. haho

    I love how whenever anyone brings out a bike with a 4-bar link and a vertical shock orientation, the first comments are always “looks like a Trek”.

    Yes that’s right geniuses, there are only so many places you can put tubes, shocks and pivots.

  5. Dirk

    Looks like a trek but still rad.

  6. tom

    it looks very nice!
    it looks like a norco dh prototype!

  7. Renners

    Looks like Norco just shot towards the top of the ‘nice looking bike’ pile.

  8. robbie

    it has nothing like a trek apart form where the shock is… though its not even mounted in same way :L

  9. Jack

    I swear that isn’t even a Norco??

  10. bougsy

    looks more like an old kona stab primo to me :-) either way the team will still be pinning it! good to see Norco making better looking bikes these days!

  11. rh

    Lovely Horse, Baltic. Good luck with the rest of the season – show ’em what it can do!

  12. James

    Have to agree with Renners, I don’t care what other bikes it does or doesn’t look like, it just looks really nice! If the article on the prototype testing in the mag is anything to go be, it’ll probably be really good as well. So is that a 142 rear end?

  13. Matt

    Looks like a selection of specially bonded root vegetables with cabbages for wheels

  14. Jonny

    So many simple minds, it looks like this it looks like that it is what it bleedin is a norco dh for team dirt. Its a very nice looking bike if I might say so myself in my favourite 2 colours, blue and yellow….sweet!

  15. Al Carson

    Looks like a bike :)

  16. Steve

    What a beauty!! <3

  17. VonDH

    Holy shit that looks like a Norco. I would not kick it out of bed

  18. VonDH

    just noticed there is Dirt on the frame already

  19. bob


    It’s not just the 4 bar, tube profiles etc – even has the same ‘gut’.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, looks great, and Norcos are bombproof.

  20. Eoin

    I absolutely love my 2010 Norco DH, the only thing that I dont like about it is that it doesnt look like a trek enough :D.

    If it’s as good a bargain as the 2010/2011 models then Norco are on to a serious winner.

  21. Anoobis

    I only upvoted the “it looks like a trek” comment as i presumed it was a joke. It keeps being mentioned so someone had to write it. I think i could have written this list of comments before anyone had seen the pics.

  22. Indian no Skin

    It does look like a trek though

  23. OliC

    looks like a turner!
    trek copied kona who re-labelled turners as there own!

    or could it be a 1993 specialized with the first Horst link???

    anyway, looks like a well thought out bike so top work!

  24. It looks like a...

    It does look like a Trek, with the bump stop and seat post clamp borrowed from a LaPierre :) Looks nice though, first time I’d consider a Norco.

  25. Pat

    looks like a….
    looks like a….
    Haho is right. Once a good proven bike is made why shouldn’t others make one similar?
    I think it looks like a Norco and it sure has other influences, like a Lapierre DH920 from 2010 or a Trek Session 8….but it is a Norco.

  26. jonzo

    Just overlayed a Trek over that top image in Photoshop and guess what?

  27. Jamie

    I think this looks much nicer than my Trek.

  28. Rick

    @jonzo: some wild guessing: Both have 2 wheels? OMGFG111

  29. Daniel

    I think it looks nicer than the session 88, it’s tubes and profile are or at least appear a lot slimmer, tbh this reminds me more of the first time I saw the summom. I think this years session looks horrible with that huge downtube, reminds me of the huger tubes on a peeler or something from years ago. This bike just looks awesome.

  30. T-Shirts for SALE

    I’ll be selling T-Shirts at the Ft. Bill WC with…
    “It looks like a… TREK” on them. Thumbs up if you’d buy one.

  31. george

    It’s a Norco that isn’t dogs-scrotum ugly. They’ve not had one of those for a while.

  32. TimBud

    Either way is definitely prettier than a Trek… for me anyway. :)

    I’m also with Anoobis that most of the ‘looks like a Trek’ comments here are jokes. Especially when the poster is called “Standard Banter” 😉

  33. stevo

    it looks really svelte, fast before you even think about putting a fiveten shod foot on the end of the pedals. I wasn’t a fan of the protoype from a looks point of view so this paint job is made of WIN

  34. nozes

    Looks like…fast.

  35. spunkface

    I love the look of this bike, i prefer it to the trek and i’m surprised that people aren’t saying the same rubbish about Konas… (who have been making bikes with this base plan for years and years)…

  36. arse

    OMG its a troperecorco!

  37. jimmy

    looks like a bike

  38. LB

    Looks lovely, but Norco have just lost their UK distributor so I doubt we’ll be seeing it over here any time soon.

  39. Rab

    Looks like my 1999 Stab Deelux! Well, a bit anyway. They’re all going back to swoopy downtubes now.

  40. obi

    swwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

  41. Jon P

    I’m more interested in how it rides… Hopefully like a monkey strapped to a greyhound!

  42. TallPaul

    Looks like a bike to me! Amazing really how everyone becomes an expert on here! Mind you its a million times better looking than the old Norco with the crashed in to the back of a bus tubes! lol Remember guys its the rider not the bike :-)

  43. maverickdh05

    Dig it, nice work guys love seeing a DIRT team in WC and these bikes show the hard work!

  44. diggerythedog

    looks like a raliegh grifter

  45. Treehuggergraeme

    Yep looks good. But what ever happened to the promise of logging in via Facebook to post comments on this redesign of the dirt site?

  46. Dylan

    looks like your mum!!!!a bloody good ride!

  47. Crimson Boy

    Has anyone bothered going to the Norco website?… no wonder they reckon it’ll pedal well. Wonder what the warranty will say? Looks nice. I prefered the plain alu proto though. looked sick. Good luck to ’em.

  48. rabart

    Anoobis and Timbud are right, it’s a running joke…jeeez some people on here need to chill.

  49. chris

    first norco i would ride!

  50. treehuggergraeme

    Looks like a Kona…

  51. omp

    i’ve got a v10, looks nothing like it?

  52. r_mac

    awesome idea for the tshirts

  53. Doug Owen


  54. barney

    The Maxxis logo on the rear tyre is in the wrong place.

  55. chris

    looks like they stole a session 88 resprayed it and put a norco sticker on it.

  56. baddog

    Looks like a ……….. GIANT GLORY!!!!!!! That puts the cat in a sack of pigeons!!!! But i like it alot.

  57. MIke John

    My brother has rocked Norco for many years and I have always almost been on board. Now, I think finally, with this new design, shock placement, angles, weight, and killer looks, I can finally be on board. Nice looking machine I have to say!

  58. Nickkkk

    Looks like mum’s gone to iceland.

    nice bike. next!

  59. Spangler

    Mega bike! But you lot are so dull….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….zzzz


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