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Dirt Norco Season Recap

Dirt Norco Season Recap

Dan Stanbridge

As the dust settles on the 2011 World Cup series, (or mud, in the case of Champery) its time to return home and begin the task of preparing for next years racing calendar.

Long hours at the gym, in the office and for some, a well deserved rest to revitalise the passion for racing bikes! 2011 was a long year, but thats not to say we don’t have a little fun along the way. This video lets us take a look at some riding and also some of the days in between when we remember that were not only a team, but an extended family who are still eager to enjoy life and the journey that our bikes take us on!


This year the team have been working hard with the engineers at Norco on the development of this years DH platform called the Aurum. This as well as key models from Norco’s 2012 range will now to be distributed by Evans cycles in the UK see this link for details.



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  1. jonzo


  2. Djfattony2000

    “Whats the best thing about Mexico, the south of Ireland? The road out of it.”

    Ah right, so this is why Ben Reid doesn’t support the local scene in Ireland (north and south) by not riding our NPS or National Champs.

    Sound lad…..

  3. Tim

    Where was dan stanbridge? Tad harsh edit i think?

  4. Mez Eldridge - Tull

    Saw Dan the other day at Cwmcarn tearing it up!

  5. Dirty Dee

    Nice one, can’t wait for episode 2 (the one that focuses on Dan)…

  6. iloper

    What was the top result of Reid on WCups this year?

  7. Doctor Pastor Martin Ssempa

    That was an exceptional video but there was one thing it wasn’t

    The Dirt TV Worlds video

  8. Dan

    In fairness, i think ben doesn’t ride the nps at home because he’s busy racing the world cup races or the british nps. His sponsors pay his wage, and as a result i’m sure they have more say over what races he rides than he does. A lot of the top UK riders don’t get to ride all of the BDS but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to support the scene.

  9. Tom

    @DJ: In Ben’s defence he would win the majority of the races, if not all, so it’s not much of a challenge for him. If he came it would be just for the prize money, which I’m sure the other lads are more than happy to not have him poaching. He did some of the Ulster league, but he’s hardly obliged to enter races?

  10. alex tyler. im gay

    y dont they just call it reid racing seeing as stanny’s never in the vids xxx

  11. JoelLewisMoore.KindaofaBigDeal

    Cool Story Bro x

  12. JoelLewisMoore.KindaofaBigDeal

    Tell it again..? x

  13. tom

    Hardly any footage of stanny riding :(

  14. MARK

    that is a sick video guys such an awesome edit love it cheers for such a feel good video thanks guy

  15. Where's Stanny?

    C’mon Dirt, not one shot of Stanny riding? What’s the deal, is he moving teams or what???

  16. Bren

    Slagging off where people live when your sponsors sell to these places is not very bright.

  17. Johnv

    Some people need to chill out and stop taking it so serious, clearly the guys where only joking around! Maybe they were just over eating ham and cheese baguettes :)

  18. Sam

    plenty of stanny shots are you all blind


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