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Dirt Norco Race Team Video Diary 3

Dirt Norco Race Team Video Diary 3

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Ben Reid, Dan Stanbridge and Ali Beckett travel to the Sea Otter Classic in California and also visit team sponsors GAMUT USA plus Erics Slalom track in Santa Cruz and find time for some go carting.

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  1. Morgan

    woah, hold on a minute….
    Dirt have their own signature Tea bag? Hell, I don’t even drink tea and I want one!

  2. billy

    You’ve not heard of Reidy’s Scruff Gang then?

  3. DIRT Editor

    Tea bags, fresh coffee…you name it, we’ve got it!

  4. NorthWestWA

    Dirt is the best mag. ever. Thanks for bring us this team!

  5. NorthWestWA


  6. Andrew

    Are Dirt gonna start doing a free tea bag for every reader soon then?

  7. spunkface

    I love these dirt team vids!! Sea otter looks like it’s such a cool event, but the DH looks sooooo pedally.

    Will Norco release a special edition frame in those colours?


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