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Dirt Norco Race Team News

Dirt Norco Race Team News

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Ben Reid and Dan Stanbridge collect their Norco frames, the jerseys have been designed and the sponsors confirmed.

Team manager Ali Beckett just beamed me over pics and news of the new race tops together with a snap of Baltic and Stanny collecting the frames.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon.



Dirt Norco Race Team 2010
“With the 2010 race season approaching, the 3 musketeers behind the Dirt Norco Race Team are proud to announce the list of companies that are supporting the team and making it all possible. There has been a lot of hard work put into bringing the 2010 program together and without the support we have already received, it simply would not have been possible.
We would like to thank the following companies and are really excited about working together in 2010 and the years to come.”

Dirt Mountainbike Magazine, Norco Bikes, Sram, Rockshox, Avid, Truvativ, Troylee Designs, Gamut USA, Funn, Fenwicks, Park Tool, Thule, Maxxis, Sun Ringle, Esporta Fitness.

Check the Team Page on UCI website:

Alastair Beckett

Dirt Norco Race Team

  1. Taylor Williams

    this is great stuff !!

  2. mattc

    looks ace! cant wait to see em shredding!

  3. Pat

    Great stuff! Good luck guys!

  4. Josh

    Great news, now get out there and spank some shred!

  5. monkeyman

    yah ppl thats gr8 :) cant wait to see those pyjama boys on track

  6. billy

    Plus the benefit of those race tops is that Stanny and Reidy can both use them to play chess on in the pits.

  7. el capitan

    Diggin’ the new kit, dope to see TLD on board w/you guys (you guys in the UK, LOVE TLD, don’t you?)

  8. WAKi

    Play chess without violating any UCI rules regarding in-pit chess dress code.

  9. Isaac

    Looks good, hang on though, sponsors-Fenwicks? What?

  10. tim grant

    No wurries about spotting you guys eh? good luck n all the best.

  11. olly

    The UK does love Troy Lee, and there ain’t nothin wrong with that. This team is going to be slick, and bright gear and bikes is the way too go! More good companies putting their money where their mouth is. I like.

  12. mat le maitre

    will they be getting the frames sprayed up?

  13. Tom Heavey

    Best of luck guys, I hope Ben finds it easier to be on a team and not having to run around doing all the organisation side of things, might allow him to focus more…

    The kit is pretty cool, get the bikes looking nice and you’ll be set….
    Hope you both have a great season.

  14. Tom

    Looks like Stanny’s already wearing his jersey. sweet, hope they tear it up this year!

  15. Mez

    Good luck guys!!! All the best!! Jerseys look awesome and the frames are sick!!!

  16. billy

    Frames will be getting sprayed and pimped, stay tuned

  17. oknid

    go baltic go!!!

  18. el capitan

    Just to clarify, I love TLD as well.. I swear I see more UK riders wearing TLD than riders over here in the US(in pics of course).

  19. Barney

    keep ‘er lit lads!!! all the best in 2010!!!!

  20. brocky

    i want one of those jerseys boys.Looks great!


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