Dirt Norco Race Team: Megavalanche Helmet Camera

Dirt Norco rider Greg Callaghan takes us down the top section of the Mega. Greg finished in 117th place, so we can only assume he had some issues further down the track.

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  1. dirt dodger

    the pro class get such an easy ride through the snow section. nice to see it flat and fast with no holes and 2 mile ruts but the hell it’s like that for the majority of us :-(

    1. Gareth

      All they’ll say to that dodger is “ride down faster and you’ll qualify in the starting line up.”
      No reason why you couldn’t be up there with the pro’s as you put it.

  2. ddmonkey

    I had the chance to ride down the snow when it was like that in practice once and it was the best thing I have ever done on a bike, so much fun. It was slush by the time I got to it for the real run unfortunately. Snow conditions looked great with so much left.

  3. xcgbn dfzcb

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