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Dirt Norco Race Team - Living the #BusLife

Dirt Norco Race Team - Living the #BusLife

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Ben Reid, Duncan Riffle and the Dirt Norco crew spend a lot of time aboard Vampire Deluxe (aka Thundertruck MKii) travelling to World Cup races.

This is a short glimpse in to the roadtrip lifestyle known as #BusLife.

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  1. Nickkkk

    Nice to see another side to the logistics of moving Dirt Norco about. Ben must be mighty proud driving the vehicle he and his dad built! i’d give my left bollock to spend some time on that bus grafting away. Keep up the hard work Dirt. ps scaffolding never looked so pro with a camera on board. Big Red next time? 😉

  2. tom

    living the dream boys!

  3. optimus doddsy

    Awesome set up, but ben must put in some hours behind the wheel cos if i owned that rig nobody else would be trusted driving it thats for sure!


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