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Dirt Norco Race team expands for 2013.

Dirt Norco Race team expands for 2013.

Dan Stanbridge

We are very excited to announce that Team Dirt Norco has signed 2 new DH riders as well as an Enduro rider for 2013.

Ben Reid: (Rider/Team Organiser)

I think 2013 is going to be the most exciting year yet for team Dirt Norco, I feel we are working with some of the best companies in the industry (2013 sponsors soon to be released) and for me this makes riding my bike so much more enjoyable. I have made a great start to my training in preparation for the new season as well as working with Stanny on our new plans for the team.

In 2012 we had Duncan Riffle on board the team and we had a great season together and had lots of fun on the way, unfortunately we will not have the pleasure of D Riff on board the team in 2013 and we wish the big guy all the best for his future plans.

It has always been our goal to use the team as a platform to help out new talent and we are pleased to announce our new team mates for 2013. For DH we have young George Gannicott joining us who we are keen to help out going into his last year as a Junior, George was on a roll at the beginning of this season and proved himself a contender before breaking his collar bone weeks before the Worlds in Leogang, we also have Casey Brown who is set to have another great season in the Women’s Elite field, both these riders joining myself and Stanny on the DH circuit. As well as this we have Greg Callaghan who will be taking care of business on the new Enduro World Stage as well as in the UK and Ireland. I have been personally impressed by each of these riders by there skills and achievements on different occasions during the 2012 season and I am delighted we have been able to bring them on board.


Dan Stanbridge: (Rider/Team Organiser)

As Ben mentioned, it has alway been our goal with the Dirt Norco Race Team to support some young new talented riders. We are really excited to be able to do this in 2013 and even more pleased to have found some great riders to represent the team. Casey had an incredible debut world cup season in 2012 finishing on the podium at the finals in Norway, George already has some impressive wins to his name in the very competitive Junior class and Greg has shown his strength in the relatively new Enduro race series so 2013 is looking to be an exciting year for the team.


Casey Brown:

“Super stoked to be on a new team this year, Dirt Norco is well-established and has awesome riders who I’m sure I’ll learn a ton of good things from, right now I’m working hard and getting prepared for the next few months of training. I have some big plans for 2013 and am really excited to be on Norco!”

George Gannicott:

“I am really excited about joining Dirt Norco for 2013! It is a great opportunity to be part of the team and be with experienced riders. I’m keen to prove myself in 2013 and signing with the team will help me loads!”

Greg Callaghan:

“After first being introduced to the world of Enduro racing less than a year ago with the Irish Gravity Enduro series things have really gone well for me, it’s been a hell of a year and to go from my first season of racing Enduro to now being on a team as well supported as Dirt Norco for 2013 it is a great boost for me.

Having looked up to Ben as the top Irish rider since I started mountainbiking it’s awesome to now be on the same team as him and is super cool to see him passing on the love to another Irish rider by bringing me on board. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the Norco bikes and flying the flag next season, hopefully it’ll be a good season for everyone involved. This is definitely my most anticipated race season to date, I can’t wait to get going!

I’d also like to say a massive thanks to the people who have helped me in previous years, especially James and Natalie from OC Suspension who have treated me like a rockstar for the last 4 years.”

Please watch this space for more news, photos and videos to follow soon.

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  1. Sol

    Who is Duncan Riffle riding for? Seemed like a cool dude, lots of character.

    1. Rob

      He retired from DH racing and is now the North American marketing manager for Sram

  2. Mo(n)arch

    So they are buying a bigger camper?
    Or is Casey driving a T5?

  3. Hristo Tanev

    Yeah, but for the last years he has some low results. :/

  4. ceng

    The dirt team have done extremely well in signing Casey, we’ll be seeing some great results in the women’s events for sure, top work!

  5. Timboss

    D-Riff is always the bridesmaid never the bride…. Purely because he is not good enough. Giant dumped him, now norco…. It over Riff.

  6. Big mann

    Hon the Greg!!!!

  7. me

    jaysus greg your some bender, fair play to ya!!!

  8. Big Al

    Dirt. You have got to do a Fantasy Enduro competition as well as a Fantasy Downhill this year. Especially now you have a rider in your team. I will pay up to £1 to enter both Fantasy events. Please support if you agree?

    1. Eoin

      Not sure my heart or ADD can handle two fantasy biking team competitions. Also, are there enough riders doing the full WS for it to be possible? Cant think of much more than 10 who will have backing to be able to go over to the US and Canada.

  9. Hancock

    Wonder what Dr Iffle will do next year. More importantly, if you’ve got George, where’s Arron?

    Good luck in 2013 guys (and girl)!

  10. Smug b'stard

    Riffle, I’m sure, will be riding Argos catalogue bikes at any enduro event he can beg his way into next year, it’s what all ex-DH pros do when they realise they aren’t at the top of their DH game anymore… Not that riffle could be described as a top DH racer anyway…

  11. g

    Enduro the not fastest enough downhillers paradise!

    1. Steve

      Think you’ll find it’s where fast downhillers go to die… Kinda of the mountain bike equivalent to Emmerdale

  12. Steve

    whys everyone down on D’Riff? not like stanny or reid smashed it last year did they?
    i think Dirt really missed an opportunity to feature more of Duncan Riffle in the mag while he was on the team. You’ve only got to look at his instagram or twitter to see he’s a pretty cool down to earth guy with an individualistic take on life and things.
    Im sure given the chance he could of put together a far more interesting piece for the mag than a lot of the drivel that seems to make it in lately.
    just my thoughts less drivel more D Riffle.

    waits for fanboys backlash…

    ps im not american and have read dirt since issue 1

    1. slammer

      Agreed. Duncan is an awesome guy and great rider. He stepped onto a new team and new bike (which was designed by his team mates) and put seconds into them at every race. If you want to talk about an under achiever lets look at Reid’s results in the World Cups or BDS rounds over the last 3 years. Duncan might not be a podium contender but he certainly is a better prospect then the two riders he rode with last year. Not to mention he brings a refreshing personality to the World Cup scene. I hope he finds another ride for 2013.

      1. DirtyDee

        Putting seconds into them at every race?? Check here http://www.rootsandrain.com/compare.html?i=766×2944
        I agree that Ben has not fulfilled what many see as his potential for results but that statement is just plain wrong.

  13. Sulley

    Fair play Gregser, brilliant news.., nice props to the OC crew as well…. 😛

    1. gobzilla

      lick hole!

      1. Sulley

        Ah Bejeeber’s, “The Gob” returns, long time no hear.., i thought you got that job with your “friend” in Halfords…., or ran away with your “Uncle”
        Welcome back….! 😛

  14. Part Time

    Yeah, i’m going to stick up for the Riff as well.. Hopefully he’ll get a ride for next season, hopefully he’ll still want to ride next season!He’s a breath of frsh air on the riding scene amongst all the energy drink swilling clones.

  15. Ron

    I really hate when people come on these things running their mouth about stuff they clearly know very little about, not that your opinion counts when you’re happy to openly slag other people and lay down your opinions from the shelter of your computer. Ask yourself this.. would you say these horrible things about Duncan or anyone else using your real name or better still would you say them in person? Didn’t think so, then why be so spineless? I mean how sad can you get. Go out and ride your F__ing bike if you are even capable of that.
    And if you are going to comment at least get your facts right. Reid wasn’t beaten all year by Duncan and he is an amazing rider, his results might not always complement his riding but he is hardly an under achiever.. running his own race team and helping riders like Duncan to be at the races in the first place. He even hand built the team race truck. I have watched Reid and his team for many years and the effort he puts into everything is incredible. His truck is a work of art and so is the Norco Aurum that he helped develop. Guy Martin comes to mind and its more characters like this we need in our sport.

    1. Olliebongo

      Spot on Ron, Baltic has been unlucky with results, but no one who has ever seen him ride can deny he’s a pinner with some serious technical skill.If theres one name first on my list every year in the fantasy league its Ben Reid. Guy Martin is a great example of Baltics ethics and what he has done for the sport. People seem to forget he left Iron Horse behind to start up the “JustReid” team on his own, way before Dirt got involved. Keyboard warriors fry my nutt. Great news about Dirt/Norco’s expansion. can only be good news for everyone. Hope the D’riff gets a ride with someone too, this sport is sometimes found lacking of characters like him. RANt over

  16. Mike Sheefer

    Super stoked, GCal is gonna rip it up this season!

  17. James crossland

    D Riff is a hero as far as im concerned after doing more for his sponsors in 30 seconds than most could do in a seasonby pausing on hecklers rock during his canadian open race run chugging two beers then carrying on what a lad. Dont see Gwin showing that kind of dedication do we

  18. Steve

    I never said Reid was shit I said I don’t understand why everyone has an issue with D Riff when he’s been pretty much on the same pace as the rest of the team. I don’t think D Riff is a racer if you read any interview with him he never talks about wanting to beat everyone else.. Infact I’m sure once when asked he didn’t know who the top guys in the sport were! I think he’s just stoked to be traveling the world doing something he loves in his own way… And that his attitude and style make him welcome change in the sport and I seriously hope he gets a ride for next year.

    I will say though comparing Ben Reid to Guy Martin… Really?! Ok the dude can build a truck but charisma wise….



  19. Steve loves Duncan

    Yeah, he never talks about beating everyone else, because he knows deep down he can’t…” I don’t think Driff is a racer…” oh really? Then why was he RACING mountainbikes on a RACE team at worldcups? And if you’re racing in the top level of DH mountainbiking and you claim to not know who the top riders are ( I read this too) then he is either lying to sound ‘cool’ or just plain ignorant, arrogant and not really fully committed as you should be as a top level racer, hence why he never got near the top.

  20. Steve

    Yeah youre right I’m totally wrong how dare I put my thoughts on the Internet, what was I thinking! I take it all back. Im so sorry, from now on I will only use my computer to listen to those uber exciting post race interviews with the likes of Hill, Gwinn and the Athertons


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