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Dirt Norco Prototype testing in Malaga

Dirt Norco Prototype testing in Malaga

Dan Stanbridge

You might have seen in issue 108 the team left the Irish winter behind and headed over to Switchbacks in Malaga to spend some time testing the first prototype from Norcos latest development project. Victor Lucas was there to capture a few spy shots on video and a few words with designer Owen Pemberton. This is a quick glimpse at the guys getting to grips with the frames, but expect much more to come in the future the team get ready to begin the 2011 season aboard the new bikes.

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  1. jeezoos

    WIDE bars

  2. jamie

    yeah baldy!

    1. Prakash

      Wow, Why I love my bike? Or why i love my bikes plural. My signle speed 29 er Se Racing Stout because its just so brutal. Fully rigid and signle speed, not because its cool, but because I truly love the simplicity and pain. Its a huge bike and when i’m tearing through tight signle track on those huge wheels at 25psi, I feel unstoppable. My fixed Redline 925 I love because the bike feels alive and free. I feel at one with it no matter what I want to do. Its my daily beater/commuter but it feels like more than a bike, its an extension of me.

  3. .arGh!

    wrong ar?

  4. Zero Cool

    Bike looks good, but the team kit looks like some kind of clown outfit

  5. billy

    That’s last years kit, wait till you see this years snazzy gear!

  6. James

    I was thinking wrong aspect ratio as well

  7. Aaron

    Really enjoy reading about this kind of inside look into bike design and development. Keep up the good work Dirt!

  8. oli

    like it!

  9. Tim

    Looks like a Trek – no bad thing, last years bike was a horror.


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