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Dirt Norco gear up for 2011

18:40 4th May 2011 by Dan Stanbridge

This years season has come a little earlier than usual, with round 1 in South Africa having been and gone already. Over the past few weeks, the Dirt Norco team have been busy working, riding and getting everything prepared for the start of the season.

Ben has been resting his hand after breaking his knuckle a few weeks before South Africa, but were happy to say that it is healing up well now, and he has been out riding a bit recently getting used to the bike and testing out some new products too.

Stanny has been doing some local races, aswell as beginning the Halo BDS series in Nant G. We managed to get a few days shooting in for Norco at a track very close to Stannys house before heading off to the 2nd BDS round in Moelfre a few weeks ago.

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Ben has been working non stop along with his Dad (JR) to get the new team race truck ready for Fortwilliam, so expect to see some sneak peaks and info soon about its transformation over the past year and a half.


  1. Philipp

    nice vid and good music. never heard a rammstein song before in a mtb vid

  2. dylan

    I remember seeing ben reid at a race in Ireland a few weeks ago he was so pinned it was unreal.That song imo was just way too repetitive but good video.Hope they do good this year.

  3. baddog

    Hope reid comes good this year.

  4. Big G

    Cool vid, stanny lookin pinned, wouldn’t mind those tracks round by my house. Luvin rammstein as the background music as well, more of that please mr filmmakers. :)

  5. angrey track builder

    edit the video and remove the road name at the end you FUCKWITS

  6. Joe

    You misspelt angry in your rage.

  7. si

    SERIOUSLY show a bit of respect for the guy who will have spent months building that thing and edit the road name out, these things get shut down way too easily when lazy mountain bikers who cant be arsed to build their own stuff take the piss out someone elses track then move on to the next thing when it gets shut down.

  8. dirt dodger

    maybe the track isn’t a pain to anyone and unlikely to be closed, hence leaving the name of the street in, maybe they did it on purpose to get a rise out of some.

  9. billy

    We all know that publicising the where abouts of private tracks is a big no no…but seriously can you actually read the street sign?!

  10. si

    Yep. Glasses billy? I found the track location in 30 seconds. Dirt Dodger really? Hasnt the guy who built it got the right to keep it quiet?

  11. Jon Gregory

    bloody hell, I went full screen and put the glasses on and still couldn’t make out the name of the road…Clegg nut grove?…. anyhows, cracking vid and cracking track…and I agree it should be kept under wraps.

  12. Edwards

    I agree it shouldn’t be there, I can’t make out what it says but perhaps someone with a super computer can! Think it says something like 10 Downing street, not sure though! ;)

  13. Gimbers

    Simmer down you greasy little weasel! how the smeg did you manage to read the sign anyhow?! not a chance
    If you wait a minute Si, I’ll just go and grab the worlds smallest violin.
    P.S. Now the only reason people are trying to read the sign is because you have drawn attention to it. Didn’t even notice the sign first time I watched it. Good one

  14. Dman

    Yo!… “Angrey Track Builder”, Nice spelling!
    Reading between the lines of your so elegantly put suggestion. I understand what you’re trying to get across, and I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose.
    But what have you got, some kind of anti blur magnifying glass attached to your eyes?
    You can’t even read what it says on the road sign. The only reason you can read it, is because you obviously know what it says and probably know where it is, the rest of the world doesn’t have a friggen clue where that is, and a blurred road sign is not gonna help much.
    So if this track gets shut down in relation to this video, it’ll be because you’ve brought everyones attention to it. Why don’t you just post the google maps location and then you can complain about that as well.

    Nice video guys, keep it up.

  15. si

    “Dman” for the record I have nothing to do with this track, was just trying to stick up for the guy who’s built it and reaffirm that leaving something in the video that could potentially identify its location is not too smart. I have never met the track builder, never been to the track, never heard of it before, am not local to south wales but was simply curious as to its location (bit of a track building nerd myself) and as I said I managed to find it in no time and so could anyone else who really wanted to which is why “angrey track builder” is justifiably a bit angry! Sorry if that makes me a greasy little weasel “Gimbers”. Or perhaps I have a secret 6th sense that allows me to instantly find the location of any trail I see in any video.. Back to the real world anyway..

  16. Stefan

    Its taken me three attempts to find the road sign…

  17. craig

    the road sign says….secret trails close.
    in wales near some trees and mud….
    ride at ur leisure..
    grid ref.. £$7778//hh73*&$

    happy riding

  18. Bam

    I know this track and the person who built it, and im 99% sure its not the person banging on about the sign. The track is still fairly unknown to most people in the area and if your from this neck of the woods you’ll reconise the name on the sign and this could lead to more people riding the track and the FC shutting it down. The track is prety full on so it could lead to people getting hurt on it and then it would be game over.
    Its good to see local tracks getting some footage, but maybe a little more thought should go into keeping them off the rader.

  19. sitatoony

    anyway your saying a bit of respect for the track builder……. what if stanny was the track builder! I have ridden and build tracks in those woods for years and the main thing that pisses the farmer off is the amount of rubbish left because people cant be arsed to put it in a bag and take it home!

  20. boombox

    gogo power rangers!


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