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Dirt Magazine Issue #128

Dirt Magazine Issue #128

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

World Champ Greg Minnaar on the cover. Photo: Duncan Philpott.

World Champs feature.

Red Bull weaving action.

Orange 322 bike test.

Big Crankworx feature.

  1. Howie

    Available to paurchaaaase?

  2. Down n Dirty

    Sort the text font size out in your magazine so i can subscribe again.

    1. jez s

      Agree with down n dirty, the text size is bonkers. Mag must be aiming at 20-20 vision only!!

  3. Matthew

    The point size of the text of the older style dirt was perfectly acceptable for a publication, but granted on the smaller size compared to most. However since the rebrand the point size of the text has been increased so even for the most blurry eyed people it shouldn’t be an issue.

    1. Down n Dirty

      Gonne disagree with the the font size being increased. there is so much dead white space/and some poorly laid out photos that when you look at some sections there is space where the font size could had been made larger.it not as though it is hard to do in todays world of computing.I aint bitching abut the content it is a top mag . but i cant part with £30 odd pound a year for a mag i only get to look at pictures in.

      1. Matthew

        Unfortunately it’s not something which you can disagree on. It’s a fact, the point size since the rebrand (starting issue 125 I think) has increased so it IS bigger.
        Flicking through a few of the recent issues I’d say that a lot of the white space has been filled with text – too much for my liking actually. In graphic design negative space is very important and for an editorial the new Dirt actually uses it up more than most.
        I’m not referring to content either, purely the design. I’ve not made my mind up about the redesign but you can’t start adjusting type on the odd page to fit areas, it has to be consistent on very page over every issue and with the redesign they’ve addressed previous readers concerns and upped the size accordingly. The house typeface is now even serif based to make it easier to read, which mixed with the increase in size really shouldn’t be causing readers any issues.

      2. Down n Dirty

        I shall pop along to my local store and pick up this months issue. Hopefully then i will be able to resubscribe

  4. Andy

    Yeah the font size was always a bit small. I think one of the main problems with it in the past was they way they slapped it on top of an image so it was hard to read.

  5. Dougie

    Another epic issue. But I would like to know the story of why the Spicy with the Fox dropper post (page 50) was in Boots? Random


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