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Dirt Magazine #132 Out soon-ish!

Dirt Magazine #132 Out soon-ish!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


What were you doing in the year 2000? Myles Rockwell was winning the Downhill World Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Rockwell’s story is a classic of the sport. He had the titles and fame but threw it all away. After a term in jail he started back on the long journey of life, this time outside of cycling. Now a father (of two), in 2012 he found himself working closely with the Trek World Racing team, and most notably World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin. It is a great story.

Photo: Malcolm Fearon/Blissimages


Also in this months issue, Sven Martin talks to Steve Smith about breaking into the elusive and exclusive winner’s club.


Fed up with the win and rain, dirt jumping megastar Olly Wilkins, revisits the indoor pumptrack at the Gravity Project.


Steve Jones catches up with Fort William local and Dudes of Hazzard main man Joe Barnes.


Ian Collins talks to mountainbike legend and cover star Myles Rockwell.

All this plus loads more!

  1. Neil Donoghue

    Looks like a good one! Love the retro cover.

  2. Paul

    Yes retro greatness! Also I think 2013 should have a pro bike in every issue!?! Also theres 6 months till the start of the season I feel you guys as mentioned a few years back should dig out some older frames/bikes put angle set’s on them, good shocks and components to see if they have still got it ?

  3. jonesdirt

    Paul thanks for reminding me, we do have a couple lined up. Travel aside, a couple of dh frames from 10 years ago weigh less than a couple of contemporary (top five wc) designs. Might make a good story

  4. jimbo

    Please Steve, bring back the pro bikes section. Really enjoyed that. Plus, Maybe possibly re visit the ‘bikes that changed DH’ type of feature you ran a while ago. There are many young riders nowadays that don’t have a clue about what bikes used to be like, i.e, LTS1000ds, GT LOBO, Sintessi Bazzoka, Rocky mountain RM7, Scott FX-DH, Turner afterburner, Mountain cycle shockwave 9.5, Specialized Big Hit 2003, santa cruz tazmon or super 8, Cannondale dh, Azonic eliminator, Stuff like that? Also, what about a couple of pages given to a lesser known or rare bikes from Europe or the USA feature. Just an idea.

  5. Darren Lane

    Looking forward to it if it arrives… not had issue 131 in the post Yet!!

  6. Machete

    yeah Dirt your audience is all grown up! STW and Privateer are always catering to old farts. Give us the occasional whiff of nostalgia

  7. jimbo

    Ooh, whats STW and Privateer? I love reading up on old dh stuff. are they magazines?

    1. Machete

      STW is Singletrack World. It’s mainly for boring old farts with beards and fatbikes but you get the odd good article. Privateer is a big, fat, expensive mag full of serious grown up articles but loads of old 90’s photos, history lessons and interviews. I only buy Dirt cos it’s the most ‘rad’ but it’s really lacking in good meaty reading material.

  8. Ben

    Machete, If you want meaty reading have a look at this! http://www.thebutcherweb.co.za

    1. Machete

      classic mate

  9. Jon Gregory

    Loving the typography on the Joe Barnes opener Jonesey and the photo ain’t bad either Jonesey. Lovely work. Hang on a minute…how are we going to distinguish between the Jonesey’s?

  10. Paul

    Any time glad to be of assistance, I do think a lot of young guys thou need to be bought up to times on who and what changed the sport, its not a very old sport but there is already some decent history there in regards to great rider, bikes, teams, and whatnot. You should upload the old PDF’s of the mags to iphone and ipad form starting from Issue 1, I have enquired about some of the old issues on missing this would be a great way for me and others to get them and you could still charge too. Ps: Can I get a free subscription for all my memory jogging and ideas ? haha

  11. jonesdirt

    Paul/anyone! We’d be looking for a pair of 150mm Boxxers, around 1999/2000 vintage to borrow for a shoot should we do this

    1. jimbo

      Hmm, My mate has a leaky pair on his LOBO, will ask if they are available if you are stuck.

  12. Cristian

    Froks, I have a pair of Cherry red boxxers (2001 i think) last ones made by rockshox.. along with a 1996 stamped Troy Lee Edge (was in dirt a few years back) I could lend out

  13. Paul

    Sorry guys I do actually have 3 pairs of 2001 boxxers and 2 pairs of 1999 boxxers but there over here in Australia postage would be a nightmare.

  14. jonesdirt

    Christian…great! Can you email us please? jones@dirtmag.co.uk

    1. Cristian

      Emaily sent 😉

  15. Michael

    Got a mint Rocky Mountain RM7 in shead, brought it after reading the Dirt review in 2002, going to dust in off after the snow and have some retro fun on it.

  16. Pedro Brajal

    I was there racing at Sierra Nevada 2000 when “Smiles” took the gold…


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