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Dirt Magazine #123 cover shot with Kyle Norbraten

Dirt Magazine #123 cover shot with Kyle Norbraten

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Kyle Norbraten of the Coastal Crew kills it at Fernie on the cover of the latest issue of Dirt #123 and gets an awesome surprise!

Dirt cover shot photographer Nicolas Teichrob does a Cilla Black “Surprise Surprise” moment (you youngsters might have to Google our Cilla) on Kyle and presents him with a massive blown up Dirt cover.

We don’t want to blow our own bassoon/clarinet/kazoo and sound all self-important and egotistic but getting a Dirt cover is still a dream come true for some…and today Cilla…that dream came true for Kyle “Norbs” Norbraten.

Issue #123 features an ace behind the scenes article on From The Inside Out.

Thanks to Nicolas Teichrob, Kyle Norbraten and Dylan Dunkerton for making this happen!



Dirt Magazine Issue 123 Behind the scenes From The Inside Out
  1. omp

    great shot! nice to see him so stoked to be on the cover.

  2. arse

    That’s BADASS!

  3. Sulley

    Well deserving of the cover, savage picture… :)

  4. Stuart

    I love that Norbs is so humble about it and in disbelief, awesome shot too!

  5. ben

    looks like semenuks house/yard?

  6. Dirty Dee

    I got excited just watching his reaction, you can tell he’s a good dude.

  7. Pez

    His face at the end is priceless! Definetly deserves the cover shot.

  8. Joe

    I love the design and look of your covers and articles. Looks great all the time!! :)

  9. Dustin

    These guys clearly know how to live the life! @2:15 ALL THEM BEER CASES!

  10. Renners

    Awesome reaction, I actually got a little emotional watching that.

  11. Desk Jockey Paul

    That’s so rad!

  12. Rich

    Great shot. Billy, any vacant positions for an Art Director going at Dirt!? I’ll even work for free!

  13. Old Timer

    Those guys are genuinely really cool (mainly because they’re not trying to be), and obviously so stoked on what they do. Long may they continue! :)

  14. Down n Dirty

    My photo will be on next moths issue….?…..

  15. Down n Dirty


  16. sharpy182

    congrats to him!! No ego….. just all about the riding!

  17. dirtyruckus

    You deserve it man, ten times, definitely deserve it…

  18. irn_bru_ce

    Putting PG on the map


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