Dirt Magazine #123 cover shot with Kyle Norbraten

Kyle Norbraten of the Coastal Crew kills it at Fernie on the cover of the latest issue of Dirt #123 and gets an awesome surprise!

Dirt cover shot photographer Nicolas Teichrob does a Cilla Black “Surprise Surprise” moment (you youngsters might have to Google our Cilla) on Kyle and presents him with a massive blown up Dirt cover.

We don’t want to blow our own bassoon/clarinet/kazoo and sound all self-important and egotistic but getting a Dirt cover is still a dream come true for some…and today Cilla…that dream came true for Kyle “Norbs” Norbraten.

Issue #123 features an ace behind the scenes article on From The Inside Out.

Thanks to Nicolas Teichrob, Kyle Norbraten and Dylan Dunkerton for making this happen!

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