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Dirt Issue #140 Out Now!

Dirt Issue #140 Out Now!

The new issue has just landed brining with it all the action from Crankworx, whips and all, the low-down for the Enduro World Series and much more – including the usual regulars. Here’s what you can expect in the latest issue of Dirt!

DT140_001_COVER.inddCover shot by Sven Martin – Greg Minnaar during his World Champs run. Get the inside story from Greg’s win at the World Championship in Pietermaritzburg.

tesco_offer_inpostAnd exclusive to Tesco – Get a free PowerBar and Dirt Sticker when you buy Dirt in store.

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DT140_066-067_CrankworxFor all things gravity related there’s Crankworx. From the Air DH to the Whip off Worlds right from the homeland of MTB in Whistler. Sven Martin shares with us his words and photos from Crankworx, a unique perspective on the event that draws both pro’s an amateurs alike to compete hard and party harder!

DT140_102-103_Hillbilly Huckfest HillBilly Huckfest in Norway is a mash up of whips, beer, blue skies and all things freeride. The course is quite notorious for being one of the best freeride courses around, and boasts some of the best riders on the Freeride circuit, with some of the biggest jumps ever built. Find out what went down during a week of riders pushing their limits, unlimited free booze, wild parties and crazy tricks!

DT140_054-055_World ChampsAnd if that wasn’t enough find out about Greg Minnaar’s win in Pietermaritzburg, the day he was crowned World Champion in the place he were born, raised and still lives today, just minutes away from the track he took the win on. John Parkin takes on a journey through Greg Minnar’s history and talks about the World Championship track, bikes choices, the event and the main contenders in the race.

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