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Dirt Fantasy League Val d’Isère Results

Dirt Fantasy League Val d’Isère Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brook MacDonald’s epic win in Val d’Isère has shaken the Fantasy League table up a bit but Tom Englander is still 166 points clear at the top!

Tom and his team that rewards airborne style for bosoms is looking comfortable in first place with only one more round plus the World Champs left to race.

How’s your team looking? Hit up www.dirtfantasyleague.com to find out.

Remember, the winner will cycle away with a brand spanker of a Trek Slash 8 courtesy of the super nice guys at www.trekbikes.com/uk

  1. billy

    Woop, I’ve gate crashed the top 1000 party, 920th position!

  2. Eoin

    I’m not a superstitious person, but I’m getting worried that my team selections result in the touch of death for the riders. Every time I swap in a new rider he ends up crashing out or injured…

  3. Russel-Paver

    MAN i wish i was available for purchase in this competition! im gonna storm in at norway and take the overall!!! yeeeh

  4. TimBud

    Nearly breached top 500 after this round. If only Hill didn’t crash.

    Head over to the Dirt Forums guys and join in our mini forums league there :)


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