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Dirt Fantasy League Update

Dirt Fantasy League Update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The scores on the fantastic fantasy doors after UCI World Cup round four, Mont Sainte Anne.

Who is going to win the Dirt Fantasy league and take home a spanking new Trek Session 88?

Well, Phil Stephens has rocketed to the top of the board. His team of Aaron Gwin, Troy Brosnan, Ruaridh Cunningha, Josh Bryceland and Tracy Moseley racked up some serious points at Mont Sainte Anne.

But look, who’s that in second spot? Bejaysus, it’s only DirtTV supremo Rob Parkin.

Hit up the Dirt Fantasy League to check on your team. And remember if you want to make your ONE transfer per round you need to do so before Midnight this Thursday.

I’ve dropped 800 places and am now sitting in a lowly 2987th place.

How are you doing?

  1. ronin

    was josh in those “american pie” movies?

  2. Josh Maurer

    I dropped from 1st to 6th. =[

  3. Hampson

    I went from 39 to 214 thanks to a team of atherton, riffle, polc!! bad weekend for me.

  4. Daire

    Went from 512 to 238th with a team of Gwin, Barel, Riffle, Troy and Pugin

  5. Pedalhound

    I went from 1448 to 597, pretty stoked on that jump…lets hope my riders keep it up. :)

  6. Bon Bon

    28th to 68th thanks to greg minaar hopefully he can bounce back this weekend and get me back into the top 50!

  7. luke

    went from 21st, to 88, to 99th thanks to minaar:/ now that minaar has a hand injury ive popped gwin in. do its gwin, brosnan, hannah, riffle, mosley!

  8. Really?

    I went from 1,000,000th to 10th! I’m a winner! My riders are the best!

  9. morris Dancer aka Jonny Trance Fingers

    Ive just cut my toes nails… Feels lovley.. What a load of bollocks

  10. billy

    Jonny Morris, go on, I know you love it really…come on….who’s in your team? Tell us, go on? How many points? You love it. I know you do. x

  11. r_mac

    ive just stopped checking since 2nd round as my team of gee, rachel and needles hasnt been the best 😉

  12. Muff

    Transferring cam cole to stevie smith just before Msa wasn’t so successful!!

  13. morris Dancer aka Jonny Trance Fingers

    Fuck off Billy, your right i do love it.. Morrisdancingforreal.. 800th and something..

  14. steely

    4655…. JOE BARNES ruined my life!

  15. steely

    @billy how many teams are entered?

  16. Dylan Dean

    hell ya! up to 12th!

  17. billy

    steely, I need to ask the Muthaship in London, but I believe its about 5000.

  18. Renners

    We’ve had 6069 teams enter to date.

  19. Joe

    I think I’m going to stop entering the fantasy league, all it means is people get injured when I pick them – Sorry Mr. Hill (again!)

  20. steely

    woo-hoo im not last! thanks Renners and billy

  21. Josh Maurer



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