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Dirt Fantasy League Stats

Dirt Fantasy League Stats

James Renwick James Renwick

I just clicked on the ‘STATS‘ button on the Dirt Fantasy League site for an update of who’s going with who and I was a little surprised with what I saw. Troy Brosnan’s up there in top spot as the joint most popular rider alongside Gee, while Sam Blenkinsop and Steve Peat are nowhere to be seen in the top 20. What’s going on? Why’s Barel not closer to the top at a bargain £175,000?

Who did you go with? Why did you go with them? Who’s going to take South Africa? Who are you transferring after South Africa?

Let us know below…

  1. José

    I guess the explanation for Blenky is quite simple – for the same price you get either Gee or Minaar, who over the past years have been slightly stronger than him. I would expect Sam Hill to be lower down since he comes from injury last year and it’s hard to judge how well his doing at the moment…

  2. Andrew

    I’ve gone with Gwin as my main man, cus the guys almost a legend already, he will win stuff this year. He will be up there.
    Shaun O’Connor, well nobody wins by playing it safe, so he is my wild card :)
    Sabrina is the best female MTBer at the moment, and I love her :) She has to be in my team.
    And that left enough cash for Neko.
    Could be an interesting year!

  3. Eoin

    I’m suprised Rach, Buchanan and Reid are all so high up. They each have had injuries recentely and some will miss round 1, which is a lot points out the window.

    I really want Blinky on my team, but you cant win without Gee, Greg or Sam. Will transfer him in before champery tho :)

  4. jack

    Peaty’s on my team… only have to see how well he performed at the BDS to see he’s still fast.. peaty for SA win i reckon

  5. cathal

    mine are hill, jonnier, barel, brayton and polc, really wanted hart but that little bit to expensive

  6. Toto

    I went with Brendog as my captn b/c he´s due to tear shit up this season, along with Needles and Bryceland. Wild card has to be his flat-outiness AB, girl is Myriam Nicole b/c her name sounds sexy.

  7. Aaron

    When you’re on a fixed income, if you want Tesco’s Finest, then you gotta get some Tesco Value too. Poor Troy, Tesco Value.

  8. ddmonkey

    Brosnan is an absolute bargain – he is quality and will get results this year. Also Peat is fit and on it again this year… I reckon he could be a good shout for the overall podium – GO PEATY!!!!

  9. stevo

    think my teams looking mint for PMB!

  10. max the welsh janner

    i got gee, greg, troy, some randomer and manon for the girls.

  11. fortwilly

    i reckon brendog will turn it on this year, got troy aswell as my only non brit

  12. tdiddy

    i would argue that Barel isn’t even a real bargain as he should be. He’s not even on the UCI overall points list as he didn’t go to one race last year, yet he’s way more expensive than people that were finishing top 20 to 30 overall. Same with Hill, based on overall points, he should have been cheaper. And yes, with so many people being the same high value at the top, it’s kind of a no-brainer to go with Atherton or Minnaar.

  13. Josh

    Hill, Fairlcough, Brosnan, Brayton and Pugin for me. Monster/Specialized team+2 😀

  14. alex

    Doesn’t Adam Brayton ride for Banshee / Oneal, not Morewood?

  15. Aaron

    Hey Dirt, the stat I’d like to know is how many people have signed up so far?

  16. billy

    @Aaron, we’ve got 3000+ so far! You’re going to have to be a shrewd manager to win!

  17. Gekko

    Troy Brosnon is a bargain!

  18. Matt

    yep gone for bosnan also. good price. not got manon carpenter due to being new and young but may stick her in the team depending on how she fairs after the first one or two rounds. could be interesting!

  19. Daniel

    is reid racing round 1?

  20. gert

    sam gee troy connor manon

    you can keep your transfers, this ^ is the win

  21. jim

    four of my five are on there, not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing

  22. Dom

    Is Troy still a junior? And if so does that affect his point scoring?

  23. Greg

    Barel’s leg will fall off again.

  24. anon

    haha, one of the top 20 choices is out due to injury, do you know which? lol some bad choices going on!

  25. Pete

    Yes. Buchanan. Thanks.

  26. jez

    @gert: you don’t happen to be Australian? Connor FTW!

  27. José

    I wonder if Ben Reid will be fit enough to be a good choice… he looks pretty popular from the stats, though…

  28. james

    bens racing he just won a local race in ireland

  29. AJ

    every one will regret not choosing Blenky come World champs.
    i’m putting my money on him!

  30. raddog

    Fabien and Troy were the two bargains. Not to be missed at $175,000 and $50,000 respectively.

    One year Blinky will sort out his head and win everything. This year? We’ll I’ve just put my money where my mouth is! All $225,000 of it! :)

  31. Dylan

    Connor Fearon’s gonna rip it up this year, beaten troy at a few races already!

  32. Dylan

    Sam, Troy, Connor, Aaron and Manon…Hope for the best eh

  33. Foon

    I’m surprised no one is talking about Mick Hannah here. £125,000 for the 3rd overall in 2009 + 2nd in RSA. Seriously ?
    His last season was quite a deception but he definetely has a great potential… Just my 2 cents 😉

  34. Rick

    Brendog, Barel, Hannah, Brayton, and Stone.

    guess this is it!

  35. adude

    Connor isn’t doing all the world cups. Not sure how many but not a full season.

    Troy is a pinner but stacked up against the seniors , what was his best result last season ? Did he crack a top 20 ?

    I’m reluctant to write off Barel. He is a ticking time bomb ……. even with a gimpy leg.

  36. gert

    jez, no but he is looking fast, he’s beated troy a few times recently I believe, and importantly since I didn’t have cash left: cheap!

  37. Philipp

    Hill/Brosnan/Smith/Nicole. Should be solid.

  38. rob guildford

    i’m a little confused too by this stat list, is Troy doing all rounds of the W/C, i understand that he isn’t and Blenky is too exspensive given who else you get for the same price with there experience, gwin would be a better gamble, blenky wouldn’t of finsished where he did if Hill and Cole didn’t miss most of the season, and barel is not a bargain at that price, he hasn’t finished a season for 2 years and didnt even race last yr, i reckon 75k would be more fair for him…..

  39. Pete

    I’m pretty confident Adam Brayton isn’t riding a Morewood this year…..he was on a new Banshee at Ae last weekend.

  40. rob1985

    am i missing something with filip polc he seems really cheap considering he finished just behind bryceland last season

  41. Chris

    i am school and they have blocked the fantasy league so i cant do anything to change my riders. it sucks

  42. VonDH

    Ive gone for Wonder man aka 6Pack aka Scott mears and Barp aka Brayton as my dark horses expecting good things from these dudes this year.

  43. jonzo

    @VonDH… “Barp” Brayton?

  44. Renners

    Hang on team, a lot of people are going with Rachel Atherton. Just to be clear, everyone knows she’s not racing the first round right? Or is this some kind of ploy?

  45. Tom_

    Renners, ssssh – you got to separate those who pay attention, and those who don’t 😉

  46. Keith

    Brayton definately rides for the Banshee factory team for 2011, just like he did in 2010.

  47. Matt

    Renners!!! don’t tell them!!

  48. treehuggergraeme

    Yep, Troy Brosnan is my only Non-Brit
    Go Team

  49. PaH

    @Andrew, how is Gwin a legend?? Only coz the US press desperate for a decent rider come along have hyped him so much.

  50. Daniel

    Just noticed Reid is not on the start list…….gutted.

  51. Ben

    My stats are now showing Alberto Contador and Cadel Evans lol.


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