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Dirt Fantasy Downhill 2011

Dirt Fantasy Downhill 2011

James Renwick James Renwick

There’s something big brewing up our wizard’s sleeve for 2011 and it’s called the Dirt Fantasy League.

Here’s Dirt Editor Big Mike to explain all…

So yes, here it is…well actually it is not quite here yet. For the 2011 World Cup race season we have brought in an ‘all sing, and all dancing’ system that will make our Fantasy League work like a dream, be interactive and also a bit of fun. The format is simple; you pick a team from our list of riders, the team must include four male riders and one female rider, but the team must cost no more than £675,000. Of course that figure means nothing at the moment until we finalise how much everyone is going to cost…but here is a rough idea. You can get Gee Atherton for £225k, Steve Peat for £200k, last year’s dark horse Cam Cole for £175, Bryceland for £125k, etc., etc., but remember, you can only spend £675k. And of course you need to give your team a name.

But new for this year is the fact that you will actually be able to change riders as the season progresses. So if someone crashes out injured or is under performing you can make a change (we are thinking that it will just be one rider per round). And we will be including the World Championships in this year’s league. You will choose one rider to represent your team at the Champs and they will score double points (based on normal World Cup points).

We are looking for all this to go live around mid April, and there should be a very special prize too for the person with the winning team…so keep an eye out for it.

  1. Jack

    Sounds great guys, looking forward to it. Really good addition to swap riders like other fantasy sports (was pretty gutted having Hill and Rachel Atherton last year!) but think you’re right to limit it to one rider per round.

  2. Renners

    We’re still sorting the format and the rider prices so if you have any ideas/opinions on what you think would work let us know below…

  3. Dirt HQ

    Hey Jack, if you lot are clever then you may even be able to pick riders that suit each track (one change per round). Or is that cheating?

  4. Jack

    No definitely not cheating! and will be a welcome added dimension to the whole thing.

  5. dirt dodger

    no Mike that’s called using your noggin 😉 although it could actually work against you quite easily…..

  6. Dirt HQ

    Ha, well you better pick ones that like pedalling for round 1 then.

  7. scott

    125 for Bryceland? seems over priced or dose that include a schuler as a free 6th member?

  8. Tim Lake

    How about one Junior in there too?

  9. Dirt HQ

    You will have to wait and see, but I think we are working off last year’s top 60 riders.

  10. Timbo baggins

    If you win, do you get cheer leaders sent over to your house for the evening/night?

  11. ddmonkey

    Ace! Can’t wait. How much for Slugger?

  12. Dirt HQ

    We are still working on it, but as it stands at the moment old Slugger is £200k.

  13. Mark

    1 change per round seems a lot to me. Maybe tone it down with a 2-rider transfer window mid season or something?

  14. Rod Kimble

    How about making it so that one of your 4 male riders has to be a Junior as it looks like that will be a good fight this season

  15. Renners

    I like that Rod.

  16. Pete

    I second that Rod – Juniors is going to be sick this season.. Like the idea of a transfer gap mid season as well – every round is excessive in my mind…

  17. Petey G

    Fantasy DH on DIRT and Live Broadcasts on Freecaster…
    It doesn’t get any better!

  18. enri

    or we could do like the fantasy soccer here in italy:you pick your team and then you choose who you want to start and who you want to sit down,every round:as for example,the ones you choose to start may get normal points,the ones you choose to sit get half points they would get if they’d started..don’t know if that’s too complicated,but i think it’s better than changing guys every round..mid-season roster changing i guess it’s a nice idea,too…

  19. Renners

    Actually Petey G it does – we’re going to try and get Kriss Akabusi to present the prizes. Awooga!!

  20. Norbert

    That’s a great idea but what I really want to know is where the hell is Finally this week? 😉

  21. Turpy

    I cant wait really looking forward to having a go this year I think the trick is to spot those dark horses like Cam Cole last year.

  22. Renners

    Norbert, the Parkins have been toiling hard to better last weeks masterpiece. Expect the next episode to be live and kicking first thing tomorrow morning ish.

  23. DeanoDH46

    I follow motorcycle racing too and MCN do a fantasy league, they have a system that also allows you to enter private leagues, so you and your mates can play against each other head to head as well as a see how you fair in the overall league! much better than searching thru 1000s of teams like last years game to check if you are beating your buddies! just an idea!?!

  24. Pedalhound

    I can’t wait for this years FD, I thought I had a great team last year but was at the back of the pack at the end…hoping to do a bit better this year. 😀

  25. soldier2801

    I agree with Mark, a mid season 2 rider transfer window, otherwise, in theory, you could pick a rider each round that suited the track……

  26. dave

    i only clicked here cos of the cheerleader pic

  27. Norbert

    Thanks for the heads up on the Parkin Job. Their videos rock and I must say I got a bit addicted.

  28. Kaiser's Okay

    @ Deano DH, all you had to was type their team name, or their real name and it’d appear as if by magic :)

  29. Dirt HQ

    These are all good ideas, but I think we also need to try and keep it relatively simple for people to enter, we don’t want to over complicate things. The transfer thing is being put in really to help out with people who have injured riders in their teams, Rachel Atherton and Sam Hill last year spring to mind. It gives people a bit more of a chance.

  30. Renners

    We’re thinking about doing a ‘manager of the round’ competition so there’s more of an opportunity for people to get their hands on some good stuff…

  31. LemonadeMoney

    Great news, I like the one transfer each round. If you lose a couple of riders first round, a mid season transfer window is too late and your seasons over before it started like last year. Also a transfer each round is only what 4 or 5 transfers in total?
    Think you should also make sure that no-one sees your transfer until after that round so there is no copying to stay ahead of the person below!
    +1 for having a junior in your team, and I’d be happy to pay a few quid to up the prizes too.

  32. dirt dodger

    DIRT please get on with it!! im stuck in my own little fantasy league about the girls on the front image, it would appear I am winning hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  33. Morgan

    I think allowing transfers will mean teams change too much once it becomes obvious who’s on form this season and who’s not. That’s the risk you take when you pick your team pre season.
    But I can also understand people’s worries about injured riders being out and basically dropping their team out of contention. How about the ability to “substitute” an injured rider for another rider of the same price or less, for the duration of the injuried riders time out? That way their team would still be in contention for the overall, without everyone cherrypicking the best riders for each round?

  34. Dirt HQ

    We’ll see what the tech bods have to say.

  35. el capitan

    I think being able to change the team every round is a great idea. It will add an extra element and give people a reason to come back and fettle. Last years was so close, it’s hard to deny that there is still and will always be a element of luck, no matter if we can change every round or not.

  36. Erik

    I really don’t like the idea of changeing team members. In reality teams do not change riders during season too. You need to take some risk “buying” your riders… and that makes it more interesting and it makes the tension. If you allow changing riders, it would become just betting office.
    I suggest to make two cathegories.. fixed teams and variable teams :)

  37. Ivan

    Sounds awesome, can’t wait!

  38. Big Al

    I think you need to have a pretty big team at the start, 10 riders and about 6 transfers, so you choose between injury and form. It would also give the ‘lower’ end world cup racers a look in and if one of them has a really good day, he/she would become a bit of a star! It would also stop people having repeated teams etc.

    I think the addition of subs makes it much more strategic and people will HAVE to read your and other MTB sites to see who really is doing well.

    Who knows, we might all be sitting in our work vans reading a tabloid with tits on page 3 and world cup race results on the back!

  39. Big Al

    Oh, and we can all have a scrap in the pub where they’re showing the Freecaster footage!

  40. Ronin

    Transfers should stay under the 675k salary cap total budget for the season. Can’t abuse it like MLB!

  41. Kay Martel

    i think, in one season 1 or 2 changes are enough.

  42. billy

    All I know is that now I won’t have to stay up till way past my bedtime on a school night mis-typing all your thousands of teams into a wonky spreadsheet! Yeehaaaawww!!! ROCK ON!!!

  43. Coop

    Right my 2 cents worth. Raise the salary cap to $700k. Have 4 men which must include a junior plus 1 women. Allow transfers only if riders are injured. I think chopping and changing during the season is a bit much. Top 5 riders would be worth $250k… Next 5 $225k and so on. Juniors would be worth from 75k to 100k. That way going off last years results you could pick up a “bargain” in the form of Steve Peat or Cam Cole. Give some more incentive to try and pick up “cheaper” riders.

  44. Craig Brough

    Sorry if I am being dim but where do you go to create your fantasy team? Is it not live yet?


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