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Dirt Factory: An indoor MTB centre in Manchester with proper dirt jumps!

Dirt Factory: An indoor MTB centre in Manchester with proper dirt jumps!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dan Makin and his team are planning what looks like it’ll be an amazing indoor dirt park in Manchester. With the UK weather being bloody unpredictable recently (snow in May, come on really?!) an indoor spot is just what we need for ensuring guaranteed all year round riding.

(Maybe we should sponsor it? After all it’s Dirt Factory, we are Dirt at Factory Media, makes sense!)

Here’s what the Dirt Factory team say:

An indoor mountain bike centre planned for Greater Manchester is fast gaining support from riders and people keen to back the project.

Dirt Factory aims to be the UK’s first dedicated indoor mountain bike centre – accommodating riders of all abilities and disciplines. As the name suggests, the Dirt Factory creators will use real dirt as the primary construction material for their range of indoor trails.

Dirt Factory
Indoor dirt jumping whatever the weather. Sounds good doesn’t it?!

Dan Makin, project leader, added: “With all the crappy weather we have in the UK we need an indoor mountain bike centre more then ever. An indoor centre with flowy jump lines, pump tracks, big berms and north shore is the way forward. We want jumps big enough for experienced riders and made from real dirt so we can change the layout from time to time.”

With their business plan in place, Dan and his fellow creators (and support from Maia Media) have already had some promising meetings with potential venue owners and business partners. Dirt Factory now needs your support to help bring this project to life. Spread the word to your friends, family and fellow riders by sharing and following Dirt Factory on Facebook and Twitter.

Keen to ride at an indoor venue? Find out more and show your support here www.dirtfactory.org

  1. dirt dodger

    sounds great and my vote is in – i saw the words “north shore” in there though, stick to dirt please :-)

  2. Dirt Factory

    WOW. Niceone for all the likes, lovin that. @dirtdodge, thanks, whats up with north shore, you can built some amazing features with wood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FsG88PR9FQ

  3. M Lambert

    Looks like it’s going to be awesome lads!!

  4. Dirt Factory

    @dirtdodger,apologies if my last comment seemed defensive, i have just read it back to myself and i didn’t mean it to come across funny. Here’s what i should of said. We’ve had over nearly 400 completed surveys and a number of respondents indicated that they would like to see some north shore. We really value your input – please complete our survey and let us know your thoughts :)


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