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Dirt Downhill Fantasy League Update

Dirt Downhill Fantasy League Update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Check out the Fantastic Fantasy Fandango Figures after World Cup #7 Val di Sole.

Remember folks Dirt Fantasy League is not over yet, we’ve got one last race to go…the World Championships in Champery where only your nominated Worlds rider will score points.

Maureen, Shirley and Deidre who have been tallying up the points haven’t told me exactly how they will score the Champs race but I’m guessing it will be the same as World Cups with 200 for the win, 160 for 2nd, 140 for 3rd , 125 for 4th etc. And only counting senior men and women.

As you can see in the example above your Champs rider will be high-lighted.

You need to hit up the Dirt Fantasy League now and make sure you’ve selected your Worlds rider.

But who is the current Fantasy leader? Well, stone the crows…it’s only Rob “DirtTV” Parkin innit?!!! Must be putting all that World Cup inside information to good use!

Don’t worry folks, there’s no way old Parky is going to walk off with that brand new Trek Session, I’ve got some part worn tyres and some stickers for him if he wins the title!

Heikki Hall and Colin Hill are looking dangerous in 2nd and 3rd, in fact any one of the top ten could come out on top…all depends who they pick as Champ for this weekend.

  1. Jimbobjones

    Confused why Rob Parkin can’t win the bike, at the end of the day he deserves it after the amazing Dirt TV the Parkin Bros have produced this year…
    If he wins, it’s all fair and square! Good luck mate.

  2. Jimbobjones

    Scrap that, maybe you could give it to his brother who had his own Session stolen earlier this year! Good karma all round.

  3. Phil

    Points scoring for World Champs can be found here:



    – Junior riders will NOT be awarded points for the UCI World Championships

    – For the 8th round – the World Championships – only the rider you have selected as your Champion Rider will score points for this event. Any points awarded to this Rider will be doubled. You can pick your Champion Rider from the start and change your mind as often as you like; however, whoever you have in place at the Champion Rider deadline on 00:01 Saturday 29th August will be the rider you will score points on.

  4. Phil

    So if it rains later on in the afternoon then anyone who picked Gwin as their champion might be screwed by the weather?

  5. Al Carson

    Lord I’m gutted – Ive just worked out that if Juniors where counted I’d be on 4’932 points, and in the lead. Damn you small print!! I really love that bike :)

  6. Steve

    Lick em out for the win!!


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